Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patrica McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale
Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patrica McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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News from your three Queen’s Park Ward Labour Councillors – Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

Dear Resident,

We are living in very difficult times and, along with Karen Buck MP, we are doing all we can to help the local community and individual residents and their families.

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Harrow Road/Kilburn Lane/Ladbroke Grove junction

Following at hit-and-run accident at the Harrow Road/Kilburn Lane/Ladbroke Grove junction, we urged the Highways Department to take urgent action to improve pedestrian safety. Witnesses say:

“At around 6:30pm a young boy of around 12-13 was crossing the road from St John’s Church to the Harrow Road side of the junction and he was knocked down by a motorcycle who fled the scene. The light was red but the bike went through it and didn’t stop. Passers-by, cars stopped and workman were still here. The police and mother were called and these people sat with him until the police and ambulance came“

Following our enquiries, the Highways Team told us,“we have agreed to do the following:

  • Put in extra signage directing pedestrians through the diversion and warn pedestrians not to walk in the carriageway. 
  • Install a pedestrian crossing push button facility over the eastern arm of Harrow Road.  This will be offset from the junction itself, but will provide an additional facility for those wanting to cross at this point.”

Mozart Estate – Anti-Social Behaviour

We have received the following update from the Housing Department following the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on the Mozart Estate during the summer:

  • Individuals identified – We have identified residents who have been causing a nuisance and are contacting the households to discuss how they have breached their tenancy conditions. They will then receive a letter from our solicitors firmly warning that any further nuisance caused by the individual could result in legal action.
  • Graffiti removal –We have removed graffiti from various locations on Mozart Estate. Please tell us if and where there is graffiti, so we can remove it as soon as possible.
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras –Temporary CCTV cameras will be installed for six months in areas identified by the local Police and our engineers, including Parry Road. We are looking to install a temporary CCTV camera on John Fearon Walk. While CCTV may not stop ASB and crime from occurring, they deter people and help identify them. In February 2021, we will review the situation and, if required, move the CCTV cameras to other locations identified.
  • Reporting ASB and crime –If you witness an incident taking place or you suspect criminal behaviour please do not approach any individuals. Instead, contact the 24-Hour non-emergency police line on 101. In all cases of emergencies, where a crime is taking place, please dial 999. You can also contact Crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. We also need you to report ASB to us via: 0800 358 3783 or

Ashmore Road

Following our enquiries about a property in Ashmore Road which is in generally poor condition on the outside, with gaps around the windows etc, the Council’s Housing Standards Task Force will be making an investigation.

Also, we have again asked the Police and the Council to take action against the repeated anti-social behaviour from residents at 210 Ashmore Road.

We also asked the Council to contact Network Housing about the collapsed front garden wall at 203 Ashmore Road. The Council has told us that ”following your email about the damage to the wall, Nuno has been in contact with Network housing who have now agreed to repair the wall.” 

Also, the Tree Officer has confirmed that a tree in Ashmore Road will be pruned and crowned as it is causing damage to the adjacent property. Residents say, “Thank you for reducing the crown of the tree in such a timely man set. I really appreciate it!”

Finally, we have received notification from the Trees Team that the bases of two trees at the junction of Portnall Road and Kilburn Lane will be pruned back.

Mulberry Court, Ashmore Road

At the request of residents, we have contacted Octavia Housing about the sizeable holes that have appeared around Mulberry Court. Residents are concerned that there might be subsidence or similar in the land around the property.

Portnall Road

We have asked Nuno, our local Inspector, to investigate the street sweeping situation in Portnall Road after receiving this message from a resident:

“I would like to just reiterate the need to have better cleaning on Portnall Road especially on the top end near Kilburn Lane. I have seen rubbish lying around on the streets for days and doubt if there is street cleaning which takes place. Reinstalling a few rubbish bins might help but the frequency of cleaning and maybe usage of the cleaning vehicles is needed” 

We have also asked Nuno to arrange for graffiti at the top of Portnall Road (Kilburn Lane end) at the side of the Flair Hair Salon, to be removed.

We have also asked the Council to contact Network Housing about one of their properties at the corner of Portnall Road and Marban Roadwhere the front wall has collapsed and is lying in the garden.

Marban Road

Following our enquiries, the Council has told us, “I have managed to get confirmation there will be a new Highways sign erected at the Marban Road junction Ashmore Road, also there will be new signage erected at the Micro Recycling Centre on Kilburn Lane at the junction of Ashmore Road.”

Lancefield Street/Bruckner Street

We have asked the Parking Team to take action on this recurring issue:

“I have to navigate this area every day with two toddlers and there are at least 5 cars there every day forcing us on to the road or to weave between them. Three weeks ago, my 3-year-old was nearly reversed into by one of these cars backing into their ‘parking space’. I reminded them that this wasn’t safe for pedestrians and it’s not a parking area. I was yelled at and threaten to “shut my mouth” by the group standing around the cars and flats. Their excuse seems to be that they “have too many cars”. I am sharing with you in case you can convince the council to add more parking attendants to the area. There are so many children that use this stretch of footpath each day, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

The Parking Team say:

“Marshals are attending the location on a regular basis, but have also encountered the anti-social and threatening behaviour whilst trying to conduct their enforcement duties.  We are, therefore, in the process of engaging with Police with the aim of setting up joint patrols in the area and we will do everything possible to target the persistent offenders.”   

St John’s Terrace

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate a green junction box that has been located immediately outside 19 St John’s Terrace. It is only 6 inches from the wall and the concrete base goes right up to the house wall. It also impinges on the pavement which isn’t very wide.There appear to be other places where this could have been located at the end of this cul-de-sac.

The Planning Enforcement Team say:

“It is due to be enclosed within the site hoarding prior to works commencing adjacent to No.19.  As a temporary structure associated with works due to commence on the adjacent site, the temporary electrical supply cabinet benefits from being ‘permitted development’. It therefore does not require planning permission from the City Council, provided it is removed once the associated development is completed.”

St John’s Church

We are pleased that a new bench has been installed outside St John’s Church on Harrow Road to replace the previous damaged bench.

Harrow Road

We have asked Nuno to investigate these issues:

“I would like to point out the state of pavements along the Harrow Road, from Third Avenue westward towards Queen’s Park Library. The pavements on both sides of the road desperately need cleaning. There is also a lot of rubbish around the micro re-cycling bins by the Library which does not appear to have been dealt with for some days. Would it also be possible to have some modern recycling units at QP Library, like those near WECH further along the Harrow Road – much cleaner and tidier.”

We have also asked the Planning Enforcement team to investigate concerns raised by Emmanuel Church on Harrow Road about the works to the shop next door and new shutters which are encroaching on the front of the church building. As a result, they are having difficulties opening their post box.

Fernhead Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this long-standing issue:

“Now that the schoolchildren have returned, it is noticeable that Fernhead Road is busier than ever, especially around 9 a.m. Yet from what I can see there is no lollipop man or woman to enable vulnerable children, and often their parents too, to safely cross. Most try to do so from either side of Saltram Crescent and it is pitiable to watch. A push-button crossing is desperately needed around this location if the death or injury to a child is to be avoided. 

Fernhead Road is also a notorious speedway, especially at night and at weekends. You can often hear the screeching tyres! Currently, the speeds in Fernhead Road are determined by the two-way traffic. However, if one side is free of vehicles, the other side becomes a “free-for-all”. This is both unsatisfactory and out-moded as a way of dealing with speeding traffic and simply does not work during quiet periods. The signs stating “slow down” are just ignored, even though we are promised a 20mph speed limit for the whole of Westminster.”

Shirland Road 

There has been a further unacceptable spate of rubbish dumping along Shirland Road which needs immediate action to find those responsible, as well as an immediate clean up. We have asked the Council take the following action to deal with this continuing problem, including:

  • Immediate fines for those responsible
  • ‘Naming and shaming’ those found to be responsible
  • A regular collection vehicle circulating in the area to pick up rubbish on a daily basis
  • CCTV to monitor known ‘hotspots’

Bravington Road 

At the request of a local resident, we have asked the Council to locate a bike hangar in the Bravington Road/Shirland Road area. 

Bravington Place

We have asked the Council’s Noise Team and the police to investigate this report from residents:

“We have had repeated problems with very, very loud house parties hosted at a flat in Bravington Place. The parties are most often on Saturday nights, and begin around 9pm but go continuously until 5 or 6am. The music is at a very high volume and can be heard clearly most of the way up Bravington Road. In most cases the party spills out beyond the flat in to Bravington Place, behind the launderette. This is unbearable for all of us in the vicinity but also more worrying with the current issues surrounding coronavirus. I know the police have been notified on numerous occasions, and noise complaints have been made through Westminster Council.”

Barfett Street 

Following our enquiries about tree pruning in Barfett Street, the Council’s Tree Officer has told us,We will be starting our winter pruning programme in early October which includes all of the pollarded planes in Queens Park. I will ask our contractors to pick up Barfett Street as early as possible.”

Parry Road 

We have again urged the Council, St Mungo’s and A2 Dominion to re-let long-vacant properties in Parry Road.

Third Avenue

We have again asked the Council and the Police to take action against the drug dealing at a property in Third Avenue where “the drug running operation continues with motor cyclists carrying out drug business at all hours of day and night”

Kilburn Lane

We have asked the Environmental Health Team to investigate this issue:

“Like many I was happy to see the Chicken Cottage at 338 Kilburn Lane recently replaced by a Sam’s Chicken, given the quality of their offering on Harrow Road. Unfortunately, living to the rear of the property I wasn’t so happy to hear the noise of their big new extractor fan which is very loud and always running day and night. I can always hear it from my bedroom where I work from home. If that wasn’t enough, I can still smell the kitchen aromas. I contacted the noise control team who say not much they can do if they can’t hear it from the street – is there anything I can do and anyone else who is bothered by this noise and smell?”

Hire bikes dumped on the pavement 

We have again asked the Council to take action against the bike hire companies which allow bikes to be left on the pavement. Residents say: 

“The red bikes are appearing all over the streets (along with green bikes) blocking the highway. I understand that that people are being encouraged to use bikes but surely this is not legal unlike the previous Santander bikes that have special locations situated within London. A lot of the times they are laying on the pavement and need to be picked up to get past”

Moberly Sports Centre

We have asked the Sports Team to investigate complaints from residents about the non-cleansing of the flooring in the main hall and studios and the lack of lighting when exiting the Moberly via the car park area leading to Chamberlyne Road.

The Sports Team say:

“At the end of each day both the studio and both sides of the sports hall are swept and then cleaned using the fogging machine (this includes all equipment that may have been used). Where operationally possible these procedures take place between classes, especially within the sports hall (as there tends to be gaps between classes to enable this to take place safely). Everyone Active also have a floor scrubbing machine, which is used weekly within then sports hall (it is designed for that surface). The studio is regularly mopped (again, around safe operations) between 3 and 4 times a week. I have asked the Operations Manager to specifically supervise the cleaning of both of these area’s tomorrow to ensure that this is being carried out correctly.

Regarding the lighting; Everyone Active have all external lights on after dusk. It should be noted that the lighting was designed for the specific use of space at the time of constriction, therefore may not be as bright as other lighting used elsewhere in/around the facility.  We can certainly look into this and see what can be done in relation to this.”

Queen’s Park Station 

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“If only Queens Park station could get lifts or escalators. Many people struggle up and down the stairs, especially the elderly and disabled, people with prams, etc. I have also witnessed vulnerable people tripping up on the stairs. Very dangerous”

Environmental Issues

We have reported the following issues and asked for action on

  • Removal of graffiti from Dart Street and Ha’Penny Steps
  • Repeated anti-social behaviour at a property in Fifth Avenue
  • Repair a broken street light outside 36 Sixth Avenue
  • Motorbikes on Peach Road regularly getting parking tickets
  • Removal of dumped mattresses on Harrow Road and Ashmore Road
  • Locatingtrees/hedges/planters at the Kilburn Lane end of Ashmore Road to improve the appearance.


If you have any issues with dogs you can contact Crissie Chambers( well as Nuno Reis ( they will deal with them together on their twice weekly patrols.

North Paddington Foodbank 

The North Paddington Foodbank has opened a branch in Queens Park, at the Beethoven Centre. This branch is open 9am-3pm Monday to Friday. The best way to help them is to donate money, however food donations, dog and cat food, sanitary supplies and toiletries are also very welcome. They are also looking for drivers – and can speed track DBS checks for volunteers.

If you need the foodbank, or know someone in need please call 07511 590997

The Foodbank is on the frontline helping more people than ever before in a very difficult situation. Please donate here

If you can help the foodbank or are in need of emergency support, please see the information here: 

Warm Homes Discount Scheme

You could get £140 off your electricity bill for winter 2020 to 2021 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme. The Warm Home Discount Scheme for winter 2020 to 2021 will open on 12 October 2020. The money is a one-off discount on your electricity bill, between September and March. See here for more details

Jobs and Skills

Microsoft and LinkedIn have produced a free programme to help those looking for a job and learn new skills

Bus and Tube fares 

We have started a petition to call for the reinstatement of free travel for under 18s

Voting by post

Voting by post is an easy and convenient way of voting. You can use this form to apply to vote

You can email your completed form to    or post it to Electoral Services, Westminster City Council, 14th Floor City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP.

‘Westminster Extra’

You can now read the ‘Westminster Extra’ online

Refuse collection and Recycling collection times 

Recycling bags can be ordered from

Bags will be delivered within approximately 48 hours of order.

You can check when refuse and recycling is collected from your street here

The doorstep recycling service concentrates on the recyclable materials most commonly produced by houses so that these can be easily separated into the different material types.  The link below summarises what can be put in recycling bags

Lots of other materials can be recycled but not through the doorstep collection service. The A-Z list below gives details of what and where items can be recycled or re-used:

Also, here are details of9 companies that reward you for donating unwanted things, from H&M to M&S

Report It

You can report dumped rubbish, graffiti, broken paving stones and street lights and more to the Report It service

You can register here for alerts of everything reported in your area (just use your post code and it will offer you options).

Local Police

You can keep an eye on the latest local crime information through the Met Police website:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) UPDATE

Volunteer to help find the vaccine for COVID-19

You can be part of the fightback against the virus by volunteering to be contacted by researchers to take part in COVID-19 vaccine research. There are a number of vaccines being identified and safety-tested at the moment, but only large-scale studies can give researchers the information needed about how effective they are.

The NIHR is working with the NHS and aims to recruit half a million people onto the registry by October, which will allow people to be put in touch with the vaccine studies in the coming months. Researchers are looking for people from all backgrounds, ages and parts of the UK – including both people with or without existing health conditions – to take part in vaccine studies, to make sure that any vaccines developed will work for everyone.

The service is available to anyone aged 18 or over, living in the UK. There is no obligation to join in any study, if you are contacted. But by taking part, you could help researchers find vaccines to protect us all more quickly – which in turn could help the NHS and save lives. You can sign up here

Health advice

For the latest information see

Westminster Council’s advice and response website:

Queen’s Park Covid-19 Task Force

Queen’s Park Community Council has set up a Covid-19 Task Force. The Task Force is coordinating help and support for local people.

For help or further information, you can phone 0208 960 5644and leave a message, or text 07511 590 997 or visit   

Beware the Coronavirus scammers

What you say 

“Thanks for the update – much appreciated as always. I know this is a tough time for all, so am very glad that you are highlighting the concerns of people to the right authorities.”

“Appreciate your updates and the great work and hoping all of you are keeping well in these uncertain times”

“Thank you for this super thorough update (as always)”

“Many thanks, very interesting as always. And thank you for the link to the petition about the travel for under 18s. Such a pity about the increased littering – we are seeing it also in Queen’s Park Gardens where a few of us are doing regular gardening (weeding, watering, planting and pruning) to try to make the garden more pleasant for all the people who are using it at the moment.”

“Thank you again for your bulletin – I always look forward to reading it”. 

“Thank you for all your great work through lockdown and beyond”

“Thank you and your colleagues for all the good work you do! It certainly makes Queens Park a safer area and I am proud to call it home!”

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Keep well, take care and look after yourself and your neighbours.



Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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