Porchester Road Bus Stop

We’ve asked TfL and Westminster highways officers to investigate reports of the 36 bus not being able to pull properly at the newly located stop due to other vehicles blocking it’s path.

Porchester Square

We are delighted that the public realm changes to the garden square have now been completed. We are glad that the changes provide much better visibility and will hopefully make the crossing safer.

The Colonnades

A resident told us at our surgery in Paddington library that their disabled badges were due to expire and they hadn’t received a replacement. We were happy to get in touch with the parking team at the council and get the badges issued before the deadline.

Maddox Gallery

Residents complained about an offensive window display at the Maddox Gallery, Westbourne Grove.

A few of us find this rather objectionable.  This is a residents’ area after all with many children about and it can be offensive to others too.  This gallery has already been asked to remove a similarly offensive display in the past.  Please could they be asked to remove this latest one from their window?

WCC replied:  Re the Maddox Gallery artwork in their window and the upset/distress it is causing local residents due to the offensive language it depicts, I am going to forward this onto local police teams and request they engage with the gallery and ask them to remove the piece from the window.

St Stephen’s Gardens

We received a complaint about graffiti located on the children’s slide. We are glad that this indecent and offensive image was swiftly cleaned.

St Stephen’s Mews

A resident complained about an overgrowth of ivy in the Mews.

There is a huge and overhanging Ivy which grows out of the school and over the fence into the Mews.  It is blocking residents’ parking and damaging cars.  If it collapses we fear it may seriously hurt someone , and may take the whole wall with it.  I and my neighbours have been complaining to the Council about the Ivy, as well as the general overgrowth in the Mews, a public road, with a yellow line, since March.  We would be grateful if someone could do something about the Ivy soon and before there is an avoidable accident.

 WCC replied: We originally thought that the vegetation was coming over from the school, but I visited the site last week  and it is growing from highway land.  Parking bays will need to be suspended but we’ll aim to get this done before Christmas.

We are happy to report that the work is now complete.

Palace Court Rough Sleeper 

Many concerned residents have contacted us about an entrenched rough sleeper who has over 50 plastic carrier bags distributed on the corner of Palace Court and Ossington Street.  Council officers have been working tirelessly with St Mungos  and NHS services to persuade the rough sleeper to accept offers of accommodation. The latest update is:

I am extremely pleased to say that in another positive move forward the rough sleeper relinquished about 90% of the items that had otherwise been blocking the highway and Veolia have been dispatched to clear the rest that has been  clearly labelled by City Inspectors for removal, with the rough sleeper’s blessing and direction.  The area is now almost clear and the rough sleeper is being targetted by outreach and support teams right now, to try to get them to take up a SWEP offer, as Tier 1 has now been activated. (SWEP = Severe Weather Emergency Protocol)

Dodgy Doggy Day Care

We have reported a disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty perpetrated by an unregistered Doggy Day Care provider to WCC Animal Welfare Team.  A thorough investigation will be carried out.  Dog walking is not currently a licensable activity but daycare and boarding is. If you pay somebody to walk your dog or provide daycare please be careful;  ask if they are registered, if applicable, and ask for references or personal recommendations.

Gloucester Terrace Derelict Land

We’ve asked council officers to look into the unsightly bit of land at the end of Gloucester Terrace next to the flyover onramp. As recently as 2019 there was a mature tree in one of the two tree pits on this site but it appears to have been felled and not replaced.

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