Image of Little Venice
Image of Little Venice

BBC Maida Vale Studios

 We have started a campaign to save the BBC Maida Vale studios.

From the beginnings of radio through to rock and roll, Maida Vale has been at the heart of the nation’s cultural heritage. From the Beatles to Beyonce, every significant pop artist has recorded here. Not only that, the studios also welcomed classical music, light entertainment and the pioneering Radiophonic Workshop. It’s no surprise that every mention of the studios begins with the words iconic or legendary.

Councillor Geoff Barrowclough said:

“We are concerned that BBC will try and demolish the Studios to build yet another row of soulless corporate apartments. 

We need to safeguard London’s heritage and Maida Vale Studios need urgent protection

  • Westminster Council should immediately designate the building an Asset of Community Value
  • Historic England should list the building as soon as possible

If the BBC really are to leave, it’s important that the building is preserved and renovated. It should be put to a new use that fits its historic place in British popular culture and enriches the area in which it stands. This is public land. So, If any part of the site is used for housing, at least 50% must be affordable.  

We are calling for the BBC to run a full consultation on the future of the Studios, soliciting ideas from the local community as well as the world of arts, theatre and music to create a new use for Maida Vale. This should take the building’s story forward and build on its legacy to create an iconic and legendary facility for future generations.”

You can sign the petition here

Please let us have your thoughts

Little Venice Parade 

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues:

“I have complained many times about the present system of dumping rubbish in the middle of the terrace by the electric hub (I think). It is deeply unhygienic. This is part of a wider issue about the frontage of the terrace and the abuse of that space. I have argued for a while now that the terrace looks a mess. Random signs. Cars dumped on forecourts. No coherent look/protocol for the historic 1905 terrace.”

The Council say:

“I have referred this complaint to the Planning Enforcement team to investigate whether the property owners are in breach of any planning conditions.  As the Parade is privately owned and maintained, the council’s City Inspectors have fewer powers under which to take enforcement action as compared to activities on the public highway.  I have asked the City Inspector to check whether the storage of waste on the parade is causing a specific environmental health hazard and to take enforcement action if this is the case. Previous investigations of waste storage have however not established that the waste is a public health concern as it is collected on a very frequent basis.”

Parsons House north development

We have asked the Council if this issue can be taken in to account before the proposed development starts:

“Right now the bower of trees that frame Parsons House are looking beautiful. In a largely polluted and sparse part of the Edgware Road they provide a crucial lung and green space. I have officially complained about the development plan to hack them down. There is no need. Access to and alignment of the Parsons House development is easily achieved by taking the Compton Street facia and/or the back of the site. Both have immature trees that, whilst themselves, an environmental issue – are not as crucial as the mature landscaped bower at the front of the site.”

Lanark Road

We have asked the Parking Team to investigate this issue:

“Cars regularly park on the outside Baker & Spice in Lanark Road on the corner with Clifton Road. Apart from the illegality of it, this frequently causes a blockage for traffic turning north into Lanark Road since there is (legal) parking on the other side of the road, so the flow is restricted. This is particularly dangerous for pedestrians crossing Lanark Road whose visibility is severely impaired by the parked vehicles. When I have pointed this out to illegal parkers, their reaction is frequently arrogant – a reflection of their high-class vehicles. This is an accident black-spot waiting to happen.

The video-camera-car which is regularly parked outside Chestertons monitors the cars not turning left. Could it not be parked in Lanark Road one weekend? 

The Parking Team say:

“In the past 6 weeks Marshals have visited Lanark Road and Clifton Road 354 times and dealt with nearly 200 parking contraventions, which has resulted in 160 PCNs being issued. “ 

We have also asked the Road Safety Team to look in to this issue:

“There are two schools and a residential home (Leonora House) in this portion of Lanark Road. Yet it has not been designated a 20mph zone, which is the case going north on Lanark Road. Why?”

Adelaide House 

We have again asked Network House to investigate residents’ concerns that rough sleepers are sleeping in the garage area.

Twelve more scandals from City West Homes

Council elections come and go but City West Homes’ performance just gets worse. Over the past few weeks since the Council elections we have received scores of cries for help from City West Homes tenants and leaseholders and here are 12 of the worst everyday scandals. We have been working with residents to address their problems since the issues were raised.

City West Homes appears incapable of sorting out this mess and we have now called on the Council’s Chief Executive to step in. We have asked

  • Why are CWH continuing to make life a misery for residents?
  • When is someone going to get a grip of City West Homes and turn it in to a functioning, competent organisation?
  • When will the Council take ultimate responsibility for this sorry state of affairs?

My Westminster Fund

The My Westminster Fund is open for applications until 27 August. The fund is open to all voluntary organisations, resident, faith and community groups within Westminster. This includes schools and other establishments which care for Westminster residents (such as residential care homes). All individual applications must be for under £10,000, and must benefit residents in a neighbourhood in Westminster.Your project must support one of these themes:

  • community leadership
  • community cohesion and pride in your community
  • environment and greening
  • young people

Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee

We have received this message:

“Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee is a group of volunteers working together to ensure the resettlement, warm welcome, and successful integration of vulnerable refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the City of Westminster. We focus on complementing the Council’s efforts to source housing, fundraising, and facilitating the resettlement of those making a home in our borough via the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), which includes Community Sponsorship. 

Our aim is to ensure that resettled people feel welcome in their new community as well as being able to make their own contribution. London can be overwhelming and it can often be difficult to feel a part of a community. We want incoming families to feel they have friendly faces on hand to support and befriend them, and to help them learn how to thrive in their new city.  

As such we are always looking for volunteers, who will be able to commit to certain roles in the preparation and welcoming periods.  There are many roles available, including locating housing, fundraising, equipping properties, welcoming at the airport, local orientation, among others. If you are interested, please do get in touch via Robbie Parks (co-chair of Westminster Refugee Welcome) at

Randolph Surgery – what you say

“Unfortunately a 3-4 week wait for a bookable appointment seems to be the norm at the Randolph. They called me on Friday to inform that as the Dr was sick, my appointment for later that day had been cancelled. Still not sure which GP’s are permanent and which are locums.”

What you say

“Thank you for another hugely informative update.”

“Thanks very much for your news and very hard work.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


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