James Small-Edwards, Maggie Carman & Max Sullivan
James Small-Edwards, Maggie Carman & Max Sullivan


News from Councillor Maggie Carman, James Small-Edwards and Max Sullivan, your Labour Candidates in Bayswater, and  

Dario Goodwin, Ryan Jude and Ellie Ormsby, your Lancaster Gate Labour Candidates


Your three Bayswater Labour candidates are:

  • Maggie Carman was first elected in 2018 and has worked tirelessly for residents ever since, from getting families out of bad housing to stopping the Royal Oak coach station. She’s working for safer neighbourhoods.
  • James Small-Edwards was born and bred here, and has supported the community by working at a local food bank and being a vaccine marshall. He’s championing better housing, cleaner streets and a green future for Bayswater.
  • Max Sullivan has lived in the area since 2013. He is appalled at Tory waste in Westminster including £6m on the Mound, and is campaigning for cleaner air and to rebuild services for young people in Westminster.

Your three Lancaster Gate Labour candidates are:

  • Dario Goodwin has campaigned to save local pubs, reduce food waste, and stop cuts. He’s written on cities and inequality and wants to stop our future being outsourced to developers.
  • Ryan Jude is a green finance expert and spent the pandemic delivering essentials to residents. He’s got dozens of ideas for improving Lancaster Gate and making us a carbon-free Council.
  • Ellie Ormsby is already working for you, helping neighbours sort problems on their streets and campaigning for a cleaner, greener and safer ward. She’s fighting for housing for all and protection for renters.

Read our Manifesto – Labour’s Plan for a Fairer Westminster

We have just launched our manifesto for the May 5th local election, setting out our plan to deliver a council that puts residents first. Our key pledges are below, and you can read the full manifesto here. A Labour Council will be on your side:

  • Freezing Westminster’s Council Tax until 2024 to help with the cost of living crisis.
  • Putting the needs of residents before developers in the planning system,
  • Keeping our area safe with more police to tackle knife crime and Council action on Anti-social behaviour and rubbish dumping.
  • Standing up for better NHS services against cuts and sell-offs.

We are keen to hear from you! Let us know if you have any thoughts at lg@westminsterlabour.org and Bayswater@westminsterlabour.org.



We have asked the Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“Could you please confirm with the Council has specific plans for replacing the beautiful and old trees which were removed as part of the Whiteley’s redevelopment. We need to ensure that there are firm and satisfactory plans to replace the trees with equally mature trees. It was devastating and unacceptable for the community that the trees were destroyed to make way for the building trucks. It will not be acceptable to replace them with young trees, as they will not have the required positive impact on the environment.” 

Fighting to save Queensway Post Office

We are working closely with Karen Buck MP to campaign for Queensway Post Office to remain open. Karen has written to both the responsible government minister and the leadership at the Post Office to urge that Queensway Post Office remains open.

Bark Place and Caroline Place Mews – High-speed broadband 

Following our recent enquiries, we have received some positive news about high-speed broadband connections for residents in Bark Place and Caroline Place Mews. The Council say:

“I’ve had confirmation from Hyperoptic that they are expecting to deliver full fibre connectivity in these streets by September this year. We will be relaying this information to the residents we’ve been in contact with to encourage them to register their interest with Hyperoptic to be the first to know when the new fibre is live. For Caroline Place Mews, I’m awaiting confirmation from my contact on whether this will be included. If it’s not planned in, I’ve asked for advice on what we can do to support getting the residents here connected at the same time.” 

Needham Road 

We asked the Parking Team to investigate a motorbike which regularly parks outside a house in Needham Road. The Parking Team say, We would expect the Marshal to remove the cover to confirm the registration number and whether any parking permissions applied.” 

Craven Hill Gardens 

We are continuing to urge the Agents for Craven Hill Gardens to agree an affordable annual charge for neighbouring residents to use the private gardens.

Durham Terrace

At the request of residents of a Council property in Durham Terrace, we have asked the Housing Department to investigate the sale of the freehold to one of the leaseholders.

Talbot Road/Chepstow Road crossing – what you say

“We have a safe crossing. Thank you very much.”

Porchester Square

We have asked the Highways Team to consider locating a zebra crossing in Porchester Square following requests from local residents.

Westbourne Grove 

We noticed that RBKC roundels are appearing on Bayswater pavements.  There’s one by Gail’s and one by Nando’s on Westbourne Grove.  We have asked the Highways Team for an explanation and they say: The roundels belong to RBKC who have erroneously installed them on our pavements. We have informed the RBKC Highways Teams who will be removing them this week.”

Bridstow Place/Botts Mews

We are supporting residents who say a long-standing Right of Way has been blocked. Residents say;

“There is a Pedestrian Right of Way from the corner at the end of Bridstow Place, through Botts Mews and along a narrow pathway between two buildings in Hereford Road.  It emerges in Hereford Road itself.  A doorway at the end of the Botts Mews hoardings used to give us access to this Right of Way

However, since Lockdown began this doorway has been locked and the exit also closed by an iron gate.  Now that we are returning to normal is there any reason why the Right of Way should be blocked?  It is a very useful short cut for residents in Bridstow Place, giving us easy access to the shops and buses in Westbourne Grove.”

Westbourne Grove 

During lockdown, Nando’s were given permission to operate a delivery service from their Westbourne Grove premises until 22nd March. However, the delivery service has continued and we have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate. The Planning Enforcement Team say:

“The Planning Enforcement Team will be investigating this now that the 23rd March deadline has passed. I am not aware of any extension to this deadline at the time of writing. An investigation has been opened and we will revert back to you shortly.”   

Kensington Gardens Square

We have asked the police to investigate residents’ concerns about an increase in anti-social behaviour in Kensington Gardens Square.

Talbot Road

We are helping residents in a Notting Hill Genesis building on Talbot Road who have had water coming in through the roof since July 2021, and no date has been provided for when the work will be completed.

Hereford Road

We are helping a tenant in a Notting Hill Genesis property where there has been a decline in maintenance over recent years, while maintenance charges increase.

Westbourne Park Road

We reported a broken communal doorbell on a Westminster Housing building to the housing department.

We are also liaising with Karen Buck MP’s office to help a resident who still hasn’t had their settled status confirmed by the Home Office.

St Stephen’s Gardens

We are helping a resident who wants a cycle hanger on their street.

Bott’s Mews

We are taking up the concern of a resident who has seen almost no progress on the building site across from the properties on the mews.

Chepstow Road

We have reported to the Council a number of roadwork signs and barriers which have been discarded on Chepstow Road following recent roadworks and are strewn about the street and pavements.

Westbourne Grove Terrace

We are working with a resident in a housing association property who would like to secure a move out of her current property.

We also reported a number of large, dumped items to the Council on Westbourne Grove Terrace which were then removed.

Shrewsbury Road

We successfully lobbied the council to correct the misleading signage where Shrewsbury Road meets Talbot Road. Previously there was a 20mph sign on the left-hand side of the road and a 30mph on the other. They are now both matching 20mph signs, as they should be.

PC Andy Burgin

Councillor Maggie Carman would like to thank PC Andy Burgin for all his hard work and dedication over the past years and wish him well in his future role.  In particular, we would like to thank Andy for all his help in getting the CCTV project near St Stephen’s Church off the ground.

Andy says, “I now have the tablet allowing me to access the cameras already installed, once the new ones are in place these will be automatically added to the tablet. The footage is crystal clear and will be really useful with investigations. The cameras are of great quality.”

PC Andy Desantis and PC Dragos Melega are taking Andy’s place and have been briefed about the CCTV installation. They will take over the access of the tablet and footage.

‘Clean Air Bayswater’ programme

The ‘Clean Air Bayswater’ programme has announced the following news:

“The Bayswater Ward is pleased to have received funding for two air pollution monitors, which are co-funded by the Ward budget and the London Breathe Network. The monitors will be installed at St Stephen CofE Primary School and on Porchester Road and will enable us to monitor pollution levels in Bayswater.

They will be complemented by a 12-month local community campaign Clean Air Bayswater, aimed at improving the air we breathe. Please feel free to email the campaign team on info@clean-air-bayswater.co.ukto receive updates on the campaign, which is due to go live this Spring.”

Hallfield Estate, Marlow House

We are helping a resident in Marlow House who has a persistent issue with water infiltration in their bedroom. We are escalating this with the council to highlight the urgency of the matter. 

Hallfield Estate, Pickering House

Following complaints by residents, we have asked the council to investigate installing a new light at the bottom of the stairs in Pickering House. 

Cervantes Court 

The letters on the signs for Cervantes Court have partially and completely fallen down, respectively, on both sides of the building. We have asked the council to fix this.

Gloucester Terrace – housing

We have contacted Notting Hill Genesis about smells permeating a flat in Gloucester Terrace from the basement flat.  As the basement flat is being refurbished for a new tenant, Councillor Maggie Carman has asked if it would be possible to look at the ventilation system and improve it before the new tenant moves in.

Gloucester Terrace – filming

We are supporting residents who have raised concerns about proposed filming on Gloucester Terrace which will take over residents’ parking for a long period. We have asked the Council the following questions:

Are residents consulted on filming proposals? Does the Council apply starting and finishing times for the filming? How does the Council propose to police the filming schedule to ensure that these times are adhered to? Or is it up to residents to complain before any action is taken by the Council?

After we raised concerns about a film production lorry parked outside on resident’s bedroom window, the Council’s Events Units told us:

“I have contacted the production and will be cancelling all of the upcoming suspensions for the whole run of parking bays outside his home.  Therefore, once the crew have completed their work on site today, they should not park outside his property again.”

Eastbourne Terrace

We have asked the Planning Team for the permitted hours of work for the construction site at 40 Eastbourne Terrace after receiving the following enquiry from a resident:

“I am attempting to discover the working hours are on the 40 Eastbourne Terrace office to hotel conversion. Based on noise it is 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday. I just wished to check that was correct, and if not, can you point to me something in writing so I can print and drop off with the site foreman. If it is correct, does the planning team, have a date for completion? Working from home, has its challenges when you cannot hear yourself think.”

20mph speed limit

Residents in Gloucester Terrace, Porchester Square & Shrewsbury Road are frustrated with the lack of enforcement of the 20mph speed limit. Speeding traffic is a danger for pedestrians & cyclists and increases noise and fumes. You can sign our petition here


Council Tax Rebate 

Residents have contacted us about the £150 Council Tax fuel rebate which is available to residents living in properties in Council Tax bands A-D. Some residents believe they have been wrongly placed in Band E which means they do not qualify for the £150 fuel rebate. Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office (central government agency) and residents have the right to appeal to the Valuation Office – contact www.gov.uk/contact-voa

Action against anti-social dog owners 

Residents have asked us what action can be taken against irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs foul the footpath and do not clean up after them. The ‘dog poo’ issue is one that continues to be very bad, and often comes up when we speak to residents.

However, little is done about it by the Council currently. In fact, recent data has shown that Westminster City Council has only given out eight fines in the last five years. This lack of enforcement and adequate deterrent means this problem will continue to happen.

In our manifesto, Labour’s Plan for a Fairer Westminster, we highlight this issue, and stress that we will increase the use of fines to deter owners from leaving their dog poo, and introduce specific dog waste bins in hotspot areas, in addition to standard waste bins. This, combined with more education on this matter, should help reduce this issue over the coming years.


Residents whose homes are not habitable due to flooding may not be obliged to pay Council Tax. This would apply for the period you are not living in the property.

If you are affected please email Rehana Hannan rhannan@westminster.gov.uk with details of your property, reasons it is not habitable and some indication of how long it will be vacant.

Regulating Airbnb premises

To help residents in Bayswater, Lancaster Gate and elsewhere who are plagued with problems associated with unauthorised short-term lets, Labour MP Karen Buck introduced a Bill in Parliament calling for a national register of short and holiday-let accommodation. This is another move in her long campaign to regulate AirBnB and similar companies to control the impact on neighbours and neighbourhoods.

Unfortunately, Karen’s Bill was blocked by a Conservative MP.


There have been a number of parties in flats let out as short lets. A number of residents have experienced massive disruption as a result and it’s unacceptable. As soon as parties begin it’s crucial to both contact the Council’s Noise Team and the police so they can turn up to break up the party. Both need to be there to intervene effectively and preferably they should be called out as soon as possible.

Other Issues 

Ukraine Appeal 

We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine in their hour of need. You can support them in their struggle against Putin’s invasion here


We are chasing up the Home Office regarding delays to their ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme. A number of residents have got in touch saying that they signed up for the scheme weeks ago but still have not received any further information. The situation facing so many in Ukraine is unimaginably dreadful and we believe the Government needs to be moving much faster to get people here safely. If you have volunteered to host a Ukrainian family and are not in direct contact with a family or individual from the Ukraine who is seeking a match in the UK, please contact Steve Bywater at steve.bywater@rbkc.gov.uk

Council Tax

We voted for No Increase in Council Tax at last week’s Council meeting. We are against any increase in Council Tax until at least 2024 to try to help residents through these difficult times. We think that at the very least Council Tax should be frozen at its current rate, while further efforts are made to protect those on low incomes. 

Council Rents

We called on the Council to freeze Council rents. The Council budget included a Consumer Price Index inflation plus 1% rise in rents for council flats, shops, and other commercial properties owned by Westminster’s Housing Department. That’s the maximum rise local authorities are allowed to impose and works out an average increase of £5 a week.

Energy bills

We have called for local action to help with energy bills. 


Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 

If you are thinking of organising a street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, these links might of interest


Handyperson service

Westminster residents aged over 60, or in receipt of disability benefit, can request free help from a handyperson. The service covers minor works to a home such as replacing light bulbs and other small DIY jobs. It does not cover gardening, plumbing or decorating, and it is not an emergency service. Please see the following link for details https://www.westminster.gov.uk/handyperson 

Supporting Leaseholders

Local leaseholders have given us details of two organisations which are able to help leaseholders in battles against freeholders: 

The Leasehold Partnership (run by leaseholders and solicitors)


The National Leasehold Campaign (set up leaseholders)


£6 million Marble Arch Mound 

The £6m Marble Arch Mound is coming down – at a cost of £660,000.



Voting by post

It is much easier, quicker and safer to vote by post. You have two weeks in which to cast your vote and you can vote at home. You can use this form to apply for a postal vote


You can email your completed form to electoralservices@westminster.gov.uk    or post it to Electoral Services, Westminster City Council, 14th Floor City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP.


For the latest local police statistics see https://www.met.police.uk/a/your-area/met/westminster/bayswater/ and https://www.met.police.uk/a/your-area/met/westminster/lancaster-gate/

Green New Deal for Westminster 

We have launched a Green New Deal for Westminster which sets out a clear, ambitious agenda to achieve the change we desperately need. Key measures include:

  • Appointing a Cabinet Member with responsibility for climate action. This will be pivotal to driving change from day one of a Labour Council.
  • Implementing a Net Zero Test for all decisions to assess the climate impact of decisions made, and a sustainable approach to procurement.
  • Seeking to refurbish first, rather than demolish, putting real emissions standards on all developments, and retrofitting our existing housing.
  • Driving a green recovery and a just transition, with a Local Climate Bond for investments in our neighbourhoods, a focus on green jobs, and training available to all.
  • Starting recovery in the streets, with a commitment to 15-minute neighbourhoods, new tree planting, and high streets that attract customers with active travel infrastructure.

In the spirit of working collaboratively with others we are keen to hear from residents, experts, and other stakeholders about how to develop and build on this plan. So please do get in touch with us to share your thoughts.


Bike Hangars 

Please let us know if you would like to suggest locations for additional bike hangars where bikes can be stored safely and securely. 

‘Westminster Extra’

You can read the ‘Westminster Extra’ onlinehttps://edition.pagesuite.com/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&pubid=09649383-4dbb-4a3d-b164-9d26398578f3

Refuse collection and Recycling collection times

Recycling bags can be ordered from https://webforms.westminster.gov.uk/order-recycling-bags/. Bags will be delivered within approximately 10 days of order.

You can check when refuse and recycling is collected from your street here http://transact.westminster.gov.uk/env/streetsearch.aspx 

Recycling small electrical appliances

Any household electrical and electronic item that operates on a battery or has a plug and is smaller than 60cm in length and under 30cm in width and height, can be put in an on-street small electrical appliances recycling bin. For details of locations see https://www.westminster.gov.uk/recycling-and-rubbish/reusing-and-other-recycling-services/how-recycle-electrical-appliances/small-electrical-appliances 

Report It

You can tell the Council about dumped rubbish, broken street lights, graffiti and more by using Report It https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it

Coronavirus (Covid-19) UPDATE

Interactive Map 

You can see the latest Covid data for your area here


What you say

“Many thanks for all you’re doing!”

“Thank you for all the excellent emails updating us on the Bayswater area”

“Thank you for your assistance, I have shared just how proactive you have been on this matter with the other residents and it is very much appreciated by all of us.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you know of anyone else who might like to receive this report, please send them this sign-up link https://bit.ly/labour-news

Keep well, take care and look after yourself and your neighbours.



Councillor Maggie Carman, James Small-Edwards and Max Sullivan

Your Bayswater Labour Candidates – Here to Help, All Year Round



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Dario Goodwin, Ryan Jude and Ellie Ormsby

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Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of the Bayswater and Lancaster Gate Labour candidates, all at 4G Shirland Mews, W9 3DY.

Dario Goodwin, Ellie Ormsby & Ryan Jude
Dario Goodwin, Ellie Ormsby & Ryan Jude
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