Bayswater & Lancaster Gate Labour Action Team
Bayswater & Lancaster Gate Labour Action Team

News from Councillor Maggie Carman and the Labour Action Teams in Bayswater & Lancaster Gate

Ma Dames nightclub, Porchester Road

Councillor Maggie Carman has called on Westminster City Council to take strong action against Ma Dames nightclub on Porchester Road following a further night of noise, disruption and anti-social behaviour from nightclub visitors leaving in the early hours of Saturday morning in August.

Residents say:

“It began with large gangs of mostly males, congregating outside our house around 12pm -1am drinking, shouting, etc as they gradually wandered towards Ma Dames. There was a small respite between the hours of 1.30 to 3 am as obviously the majority were then inside the club. The major noise kicked off again shortly after 3am as hoards of people began to leave. They do NOT disperse quietly or with any awareness of their disruption. Whoever is managing the security and dispersal are incapable of doing so in an acceptable manner.”

“I have taken photos and a few short videos from our window. Having had my husband set upon when he attempted to record the scenes last time, we remained indoors. There were cars parked in the road, lights on, music blaring, screaming and shouting. Despite the majority of the crowds not being immediately outside our premises, the noise level was unbearable and many small groups continued to loiter along our street until at least 4am.”

Another resident says:

“Revellers shouting, car horns, music from stationary cars with doors open, parking on zig zags adjacent to crossings and on and on.This is not reasonable in a residential area and a clear pattern is developing of a general lack of respect towards residents. A venue that ejects revellers on to the streets at 3am and takes no responsibility in disbursing the crowds and seeing them out of the area is not acting or caring for the community in which they have their business. This lack of care needs to be addressed now.”

Whiteley’s demolition noise.

Councillor Maggie Carman writes:

“Since my election as a councillor for Bayswater ward  I have never received as many complaints on a single issue as I have over the distress and disruption caused by the Whiteleys demolition project.  The contractors have stated that the cause of this was unprecedented and unforeseeable.  The contractors’ response to concerns and complaints was to offer monitors and earbuds. They then claimed that the noise and vibration levels were within limits. This is not acceptable.

I have many emails from residents registering the distress and disruption caused by this project.  For instance, the parents of an autistic child were at their wits’ end as the child can’t cope with the noise and is banging his head against the wall. Parents of new babies that they are trying to establish in a routine are similarly distressed.  People in poor health who are confined to their homes are reporting how their mental health is quite severely affected.  People working from home cannot work through this noise and this is affecting their livelihoods.  People running businesses nearby are also losing customers because of the noise. The contractors’ response has been to shut down any opportunity for the community to respond by cancelling public meetings.”

We are continuing to press the Council to take action against demolition contractors for damage being caused to residents’ health and to local businesses:

“I live in Cleveland Square, five minutes walk from Whiteleys, but the ‘thumping noise’ that continues every day, is making life at home intolerable. I am aware that certain action has been taken but the noise is now even louder and a different rhythm. I work from home and after twenty years of doing so, it is now impossible. The noise sounds like someone is next door and banging consistently on the wall with a hammer. It is the kind of noise that can drive someone crazy!  The development contributes nothing to our community so why are hundreds (thousands?) of people being virtually asked to leave their homes during the day for four months?”

“Today, again, I have to live within another awful consistent noise/vibration, I work from home, and during the meeting, my client just said: “What is that noise in the background? sounds abnormal.” It was so hard to have a meeting with clients in that environment, and this is my own home.

Councillor Carman has also asked the Whiteleys Development team to post daily updates on their website.  Some days there are stoppages in the drilling for which, if they knew about them in advance, would allow residents to plan their day.  This was agreed and a trial is due to start on Monday. A notice will be posted daily at around 6pm with news of the next day’s expected drilling.

Westbourne Grove 

The iconic Tiroler Hut restaurant in Westbourne Grove has burned down.  Thankfully nobody was hurt. You can read more here: 

Porchester Square

We have again asked the Council to take action against people who dump rubbish on the street in Porchester Square which residents believe is partly a result of the increase in the number of Airbnb properties in the area. As a result, the Porchester Square black bins to be removed for a trial period

Orsett Terrace 

We are continuing to press the Council to take urgent action to improve security at properties in Orsett Terrace.

Porchester Spa

We have asked the Leisure Department to let us know what action will be taken to upgrade Porchester Spa after we were sent pictures revealing the poor condition of the spa.

The Leisure Department say:

“Unfortunately, the Spa is in desperate need of improvements and the team have been working alongside the Porchester Users Group for several months to agree the programme of works. This has taken time as the PUG had some very specific questions concerning steam generation and safeguarding the unique heritage of the facility. We are now preparing for works this year and Everyone Active will also contribute to cover around £600,00 of works.”

Porchester Spa has now closed for renovations. We expect it to open sometime in December.

Carnival clean up

We are taking up this with the Council:

“I have lived on Chepstow Road for 20+ years. There was much to commend the management of this year’s carnival – the police did an amazing job – but the post carnival clean-up has been the worst of my many years living here. 36 hours after the carnival finished the rubbish strewn about the area in which I live is shocking. Chepstow Road, Bridstow Place and Northumberland Place, where I regularly walk my dog, are disgusting, a health risk and an eye sore. “  


We have again asked the Council to clear all the graffiti from the Hampden Street footbridge as it has started to accumulate. Also, we have asked the Council to clear some graffiti on the pavement outside 68 Westbourne Park Villas which is very large and covers the footway. 

Royal Oak coach station plan 

The Evening Standard featured a letter from Councillor Maggie Carman​ praising the decision not to move Victoria coach station to Royal Oak. She says ‘Residents who attended meetings, signed petitions and defended their environment should be applauded.’

“What excellent news that Victoria coach station will not be relocated to Royal Oak. Residents who attended meetings, signed petitions and defended their environment should be applauded. Credit also is due to TfL for insisting that every coach using Victoria should from next year meet the Ultra Low Emission standard.”

Queensway Post Office

We have started a campaign to keep the Queensway Post Office. Residents say:

“We need services, as well as flats in the area. We also need ANOTHER post office, not less of them. There are huge queues in Queensway post office, ever since the one on Westbourne Grove closed down. Could you please find out if this post office will be moved somewhere local and if so, could it be bigger with more counters so there is less of a queue?”

Tackling knife crime

Queen’s Park Councillor Hamza Taouzzale was one of a group of young people who called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take urgent action to tackle the knife crime crisis and make it a “top priority”. Delivering a letter to Downing Street on Thursday 8thAugust, which was signed by more than 100 young people, Hamza and his colleagues also presented a 12-point manifesto on what they think would make the streets safer.

In the letter, they said: “More and more of our generation are still dying. More needs to be done, as soon as possible. As Prime Minister we need you to make this problem your top priority.”The manifesto includes calls to tackle what the group believe are underlying causes of violent crime, such as lack of housing, youth services and jobs, as well as a bid for more community police officers to build relationships in neighbourhoods.

Official figures show knife crime in England and Wales hit a record high in 2018/19, up 8% on the previous year. For more information visit


Westminster City Council is consulting on its homelessness strategy. Details and feedback survey here: Have a read and make your views known. 

Refuse collection and Recycling collection times

You can check when refuse and recycling is collected from your street here

What you say

“A big thank you to Maggie for the continuous support and help regarding my problem with NHG” 

“Many thanks for all your great work in trying to solve these challenging issues. I am sure you get more complaints than praise, so thought I would say that you are doing a great job!”

“Thanks very much for this, most useful and informative.”

“Thanks for all your good work!” 

“Thank you for the update, and for news of all you do for us residents.”

“Thank you in particular for the safety measures put in place in St Stephens Gardens. Just to say the illegal begging is still happening around Sainsburys near Chepstow Rd, and is still happening near the post office at Queensway. “

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

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