Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale
Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

News from your three Queen’s Park Ward Labour Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

Queen’s Park Court

You can see the initial plans for new affordable housing at Queen’s Park Court here 

Jubilee Sports Centre

We have continued to urge the Council to start work on the long-delayed redevelopment of the Jubilee Sports Centre which has now been closed and boarded up for 12 months with no sign of work starting. We raised this at last Wednesday’s Council meeting and at the meeting in April. Both times we got excuses and vague promises that work would start before the end of the year. We will not let this rest and will be pressing the Council at every opportunity. Residents say:

“I do feel its regeneration would help with some of the issues in our area and I was hoping to see work start in Spring as the council promised. We’re now well into Summer and nothing seems to have begun. The centre is looking quite run down now.”

Alperton Street 

We chased Cadent Gas and the Council to speed up the works in Alperton Street. Residents told us:

“We had a gas leak here last Wednesday night. It took you 2 days to find the gas mains. Multiple holes in road. It’s now Monday and there is no one to be seen? Come finish the work and put our street right.” 

The Council say:

“I’ve chased up Cadent Gas regarding their works and the reinstatement of the excavations will be complete and clear by close of play tomorrow.No adequate reason was provided regarding the delay, and it appears like a minor admin error resulted in the reinstatement work being passed to the relevant contractor. I’ve had assurances from Cadent that they’ll look into the issue to ensure there won’t be a repeat.”

Barfett Street 

We have asked the Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“Please can you address a leaning tree outside 20-22 Barfett Street. It is very dangerous. It is overgrowing into the road making walking and parking very difficult. “ 

Ashmore Road 

We have asked the Tree officer to remove a dead tree outside 86 Ashmore Road and arrange for a new one to be planted. We received the following update:

“Works order to remove the dead tree issued and the replacement tree on list for planting in the autumn.”

Fourth Avenue/Droop Street 

We have asked the Council and Thames Water to fix a badly fitting manhole cover on Fourth Avenue near the junction with Droop Street which is a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists. 

Kilburn Lane 

We have asked if parts of Kilburn Lane pavement can be given a deep clean:

“Can something be done about the state of our streets on Kilburn Lane (Queen’s Park end, near Premier corner and in between Bravington and Portnall Road). The streets are filthy. Covered in bin juice, vomit and general dirt around the bus stop. This is exacerbated because both shops and domestic rubbish has to be put out on the street edge morning and night. Visitors to the street (often eating at fast food places) just throw rubbish down too. Please could the streets be given a deep cleanse and a note be made that they need to be cleaned more regularly. There is very heavy footfall on this section and with shops that are mostly food based. “ 

The Council say: 

“The area in question was visited early this morning, before the shops opened and pedestrian traffic would have made this work much more challenging. The area around the bus stop was cleansed.”

We have also asked the Tree Officer to take action on these issues:

“The tree outside 48 Kilburn Lane is exactly how it has been for months.  Leaving over and liable to snap as another one did further up the road which was just then filled in and not replaced.”

268 Kilburn Lane

We presented a petition on behalf of residents of 268 Kilburn Lane calling for repairs and refurbishment to their block of flats. The Housing Department say:

This property is currently contained within the major works project Mozart Estate externals. This project is programmed for commencement in 2021.Although we appreciate that this can be frustrating for residents our priority is to maintain the stock citywide. This being said, we will ask a surveyor to carry out another stock condition survey on your block with the aim for us to assess what general repairs and maintenance can be carried out before the major works in 2021.”

Sixth Avenue – trees 

We have asked the Tree officer to investigate this issue:

“One of the younger plane trees on Sixth Avenue (between Lothrop Street and Kilravock Street) was pushed over by the strong winds during the weekend. It caused the tree tie to break and since then, the stake has been removed. It’s now leaning over at a very rakish angle and pointing into the road. It’s a prime target for someone to snap it unless it’s rescued quickly. Please would you be able to ask the Tree Officer to arrange for it to be re-staked?”

Residents say: 

“The plane tree on Sixth Avenue had been righted by the following day. Many thanks indeed for your prompt intervention.”

We have asked Nuno, our City Inspector, to arrange for bigger signage telling dog owners to put dog-poo bags in the bins and not to leave them by trees.

Sixth Avenue – speeding vehicles

In response to residents’ concerns about speeding vehicles along Sixth Avenue, we asked the Road Safety Team to investigate and this is their response:

“Analysis of the latest available 36 months of collision data for Sixth Avenue, revealed that one slight collision has occurred; where the vehicle driver failed to look properly. As there has only been one collision along the road which does not highlight any significant road safety concerns or trends, the City Council is unable to prioritise any of its limited resources to investigate this issue further now. 

However, there is an initiative run in partnership with the Metropolitan Police to investigate local concerns with speeding vehicles, called Community Roadwatch. The scheme gives residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles. We have reported Sixth Avenue to Community Roadwatch, and information captured through the scheme will help identify whether further investigations are required in the future. If you wish to be involved in this, additional information can be obtained by contacting: “

Marne Street 

We have asked Nuno to investigate this issue: 

‘There is a car is on Marne Street, it has 5 parking tickets on, been there a few weeks. I don’t know if it’s abandoned”. 

We have also asked the Tree Officer to investigate this: 

“Two of the relatively younger plane trees appear to have been vandalized. Both now have broken branches hanging down. Only a straw in the wind, but perturbing that anyone should be causing mindless damage of this kind.”

We are also continuing to urge the Council to take action to tackle the regular anti-social behavior in the street. 

Portnall Road 

We have asked the Council to take action on the regular dumping of rubbish bags by the trees and lamp posts on Portnall Road. 

Harrow Road 

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate a number of flats on Harrow Road which are being used for unauthorized Airbnb short-term letting.

We have also asked the Street Lighting team to fix a broken street light opposite the junction with Sixth Avenue outside 545 Harrow Road. It is very near a zebra crossing so needs to be repaired asap. 

Ha’Penny Steps 

We have asked Nuno to investigate this issue: 

“The Westminster side of the Halfpenny steps was power washed the other day which is great. However, there Is graffiti on the wall in front of you as you walk up from the Harrow Road that needs removing.”

The Flora, Harrow

We have asked for an update on The Flora Hotel. Residents say:

“It’s covered in posters yet again and is in danger of become an unsafe structure and an eye sore – if something is not done with this beautiful beholding of our history soon.”

We have also asked Nuno to check this issue:

“There is a pub brewery advertising lantern/light hanging precariously from above the doorway of The Flora. It looks like it could fall at any stage. It would cause a serious injury if it does come away” 

Farnaby House

We are continuing to press the Housing Department to take action against the regular damage to the doors and corridors and anti-social behaviour at Farnaby House.

Mozart Estate 

We have received the following update from the Council:

“Westminster Housing, the Police and the Neighbourhood Coordinator (NC) have received complaints from residents relating to intimidating and harassing behaviour from groups of youth gathering on the estate and in particular blocks. This has been taking place over several different housing blocks. The NC conducted a walkabout to discuss the various issues and come up with design out crime initiatives. Housing and the NC are following this up with the estate management team. Actions include: 

  • Cutting back and/or removing foliage that is being used for cover andstashing weapons and drugs 
  • Filling in of any holes that can be used for concealing weapons and drugs
  • Introducing spikes on fences so that people cannot climb over them
  • Ensuring the block security doors are working correctly so that non-residents cannot gain access to the blocks.”

The relaunch of the block representatives meeting took place on May 2019. This was well attended and positively received. The main areas of concern were anti-social behaviour and parking.

An anti-social behaviour officer attended the next meeting on 26 June 2019 to provide a report on the actions which have been taking to resolve the issues on the estate. Many of these concerned youths accessing the blocks and causing nuisance. Since the meeting, two parking officers have been carrying out regular patrols and placing notices on any cars without a permit. The parking officers will continue monitoring the area until the traffic management orders come into place for this area.”

Electric Vehicle charging bays 

The Council is proposing to install electric vehicle charging bays at:

  • Portnall Road – adjacent to 336 Kilburn Lane (to replace three residents’ parking bays)
  • Sixth Avenue – adjacent to 160 Kilburn Lane (to replace three residents’ parking bays) 

Cycle Hangars – Update 

  • The existing two cycle hangars on Ilbert Street will be relocated to the park side of Illbert Street.
  • An additional hangar will be located further west in Ilbert Street, near Fifth Avenue.
  • A cycle hangar will also be located in Ashmore Road,south east of Shirland Road, in front of the play area.

The works will take place in late July. Cyclehoop, who install and manage the cycle hangars, will place notices out during installation and the spaces will be filled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Residents who miss out on a space will be placed on a waiting list for future installations, with a further 15 hangars to be installed across Westminster in 2019/20.

Carnival parking

We have asked the Parking team to look into this issue: 

“Would you be able to bring any influence to bear on the arrangements for this year’s Carnival parking restrictions in Westminster and particularly in The Avenues please? In previous years, the additional parking restriction notices put up by Westminster (in which parking restrictions are extended to late evening on the Sunday and Monday of the Carnival) worked perfectly and were properly enforced. Residents were able to enjoy the Carnival and were also able to park as usual making The Avenues a haven from the hubbub of the Carnival. It was easy to continue with everyday life, to go out to the shops in the car safe in the knowledge that when you came back there would be somewhere to park. 

Last year, as usual, the Westminster parking restriction signs went up in the week before the Carnival. All good so far. The problems though started on Sunday, the first Carnival day, and went on until late on Monday when the Carnival ended. The Avenues were completely overwhelmed with cars which were parked not only in residents’ bays, on double yellow lines but also up on the pavements including on the corners. Driving around The Avenues was very challenging as junctions were so restricted with the dangerously parked cars and it was extremely difficult to find a space to park. There appeared to be no enforcement at all. Attempts to ring the Parking Department at Westminster Council and emails sent to their so-called hotline were all met with no reply, I assume because it was the Bank Holiday weekend, and the parking just got worse. 

In short, for two days it was a nightmare. While, I don’t want to put a dampener on the Carnival, I think it’s only fair that residents here shouldn’t have their streets here turned into a free-for-all car park for two days. I don’t understand why Westminster Council failed to provide any parking enforcement during the Carnival in this area last year (and I’ve no doubt, it was the same for other streets beyond The Avenues as well). “ 

The 2019 Notting Hill Carnival Residents’ Meeting will be held on Monday 15th July from 18:30-20:00 at St John’s Church, Lansdowne Crescent, London, W11 2NN.

Rubbish dumping 

  • We have asked the Council to remove a dumped mattress at the corner of Third Avenue/Harrow Road.
  • We have also reported an overflowing black bin surrounded by rubbish on Fourth Avenue.
  • We have asked the Council to remove builders’ rubbish in Fifth Avenue

Refuse collection and Recycling collection times

You can check when refuse and recycling is collected from your street here

Drop-ins for the under 5’s

Queen’s Park Children’s Centre

88 Bravington Road, W9 3AL

Drop-in for parents and pre-crawlers, with music & baby yoga on alternating weeks

Mondays 10.00-11.45am


Beethoven Centre

Third Avenue, W10 4JL

Community Families drop-in, with music

9.30am for pre-crawlers; and 10.30-11.45am for 0-4s


Wilberforce School

As part of our whole school Mobile Museum Project with Kew Gardens, the school has put together a Wilberforce Museum of Plants and Cultures to celebrate and share all of their learning.


A survey conducted by Labour Councillors has revealed the widespread impact that cuts are having on schools in the Westminster area. Councillor Tim Roca, Labour’s Education spokesperson, invited schools to take part in the survey, with 22 head teachers responding from primary, secondary and specialist schools across the borough. Most reported cuts to staffing, books and equipment with further cuts anticipated.

You can read the details here

Climate Emergency

We are calling on the Council to declare a Climate Emergency and have launched a petition to present to the Council at its next meeting on 18thSeptember. The petition reads:

“We the undersigned support the call by Westminster Labour for Westminster City Council to declare a Climate Emergency at the Council Meeting on 18 September 2019. The Council must set out a Plan of Action which is both ambitious and deliverable to show how our City can make a real difference in the urgent fight against climate change. 

Cutting carbon emissions must be at the heart of the decisions the Council makes including on planning, house building, energy supply, procurement, freight consolidation, investments, transport and green spaces.” 

You can sign the petition here:

Street begging

We received this enquiry from a resident: 

“Have the Council investigated the circumstances of the many beggars around the same area, holding out near identical pieces of cardboard on which are written the same message “I am very hungry. God bless you”? They seem to be coordinated by someone and raise worries that they could even be victims of modern slavery.”

The Council say:

“The issue of coercion has long been debated amongst partners. The Police have investigated through a modern slavery lens and the issue they come up against each time is that the groups in question are more often than not family units. As a result, they are not willing to speak out against each other and insist that they are choosing to be there. We continue to monitor and offer alternatives to street begging and working with partners for a more meaningful solution to the challenge.” 

What you say

“Thank you for the newsletter which is a very valuable community tool” 

“Super update – thank you for all the work that goes on behind it” 

“Yes, indeed good reporting.I am impressed with your work in keeping the chaos at bay.Well done.” 

“Thank you for the ward newsletter as always.”

Thanks Paul, Patricia and Hamza for all the updates and support you providing the Queens park community.Much appreciated.

“I live in Fifth Avenue and, like the Sixth Avenue resident in the last newsletter, have also noted a big increase in the number of skip lorries using our street in the past few years. It probably started with the construction work on the Moberly site, and as traffic still seems to be a problem around there, has continued since. My main worry is not that there is a continual stream of traffic, but that the heavy lorries could be damaging the road and houses, particularly when they don’t slow down much over the speed humps.” 

“Thank you so much for always being there for me”

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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