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Elm Tree Road

At the request of residents, we have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate the recently installed speed warning sign which residents say “needs brighter lights and to be angled a bit”. The Road Safety Team say: 

“We can ask the installer to adjust the sign, this should have the affect of improving brightness as the diodes are directional (to reduce side glare).” 

Alma Square

We have asked the Refuse Collection Team to remind residents in Alma Square of the correct times to put out their rubbish. Residents say:

“We have a real problem in Alma Square of residents putting out their rubbish on days that it will not be collected. Which leads to this kind of mess in the streets, as I imagine the local fox comes in the night and rips the bags open.  Today, there is a “recycling bag” outside one house which 1. seems to be full of normal rubbish, 2. in the best of cases will not be picked up till Monday. My impression is that the people who do this are probably renting, and do not have space for keeping rubbish in a dustbin until Monday or Thursday.”

Grove End Road

We have asked the Parking Team to investigate this issue: 

“We frequently have cars parked in front of our entrance, making it impossible for us to get in or out of our driveway. When this happened most recently today, and we discussed it with a Marshall, we were informed that there is nothing they can do as there is a single yellow line across the entrance to our driveway rather than a double yellow.  Accordingly, it is apparently not enforceable despite this person completely blocking our driveway.  This doesn’t sound right to me, but in any event please can we have a double yellow line or some other means of preventing other drivers from blocking us in?”

The Parking Team say

“If they have not already done so, I would also suggest that the resident consider fixing notification to their driveway gates, portraying an instruction along the lines of ‘no parking, 24- hour access required’ or similar, to help deter vehicles from parking across the driveway, outside of controlled hours.  The marshals have also been asked pay attention to this location and to take enforcement action if no obvious loading /unloading is taking place, during controlled hours, in order to facilitate access to the premises.”

Former St John’s Wood Post Office 

We have reported squatters in the former St John’s Wood Library. The Council say:

“Notices have been served and we have a court date of the 10th of June. We will then take the necessary action to remove the squatters and secure the site.” 

Traffic lights corner of Hall Road/Circus Road/Lisson Grove 

We have asked the Council and TfL to investigate this issue:

“When the green man shows, it has ceased to bleep!  Difficult for the majority of people who have their face in their iPhone and most certainly don’t look up!!”

Wharncliffe Gardens

We are helping residents in Wharncliffe Gardens who have had long-standing problems with water penetration from the flat above. 

Hill Road 

We have asked the Parking Team to investigate this issue: 

“I wanted to bring to your attention a practice which I think is a drain on the public purse.For the third time in two weeks’ signs have gone up to suspend parking bays throughout Hill Road and the surrounding streets. 6/10/19th June.I know that no street maintenance has taken place but we seem to have created a thriving business in putting up useless and disruptive signs.As a side business wardens are handing out tickets to people who have nowhere else to park because every adjacent street has similar signs.

It used to be the case in Westminster that if a sign went up notifying you the drains to be cleaned, you could be guaranteed that the truck would arrive, the drains would be cleaned and the signs would be taken down.This is no longer the case and somebody at the sanitation/road cleaning department should be held to account. The signs are a waste of money and having to juggle parking particularly for people who are not in the Street all day is extremely disruptive.” 

Crime and Security issues 

We have been in touch with the police following robberies in the car parks at Templar Court, St. John’s Wood Road and Stockleigh Hall, Prince Albert Road. We are also concerned to hear about this:

“Our local shops in Nugent Terrace continue to be terrorised, at will, by a gang of moped thieves who operate with impunity in this & other nearby areas. The latest victim was our corner food shop, in the early hours, a few days ago. Same gang is responsible, that must by now be known to police.” 

Youth Service Cuts 

The press has interviewed former Stowe Centre youth leader, Michael Dipple on the impact of cuts to local youth services: 

Short Term Lets

Karen Buck MP launched a new All Party Parliamentary Group on the Short Let Sector at the end of April, bringing together councils, the GLA and the main businesses involved in short lets to shape the debate. On the day of the launch, the Mayor of London made his call for the introduction of a registration system so we can know who is letting, and make it possible to enforce the legal 90 day limit in London, which at present is all but impossible.

Refuse collections – what you say 

“The bin men throw the bags from residents’ bins into the street which are collected, and do not care in the slightest if the bag tears – they never pick the rubbish up.  This also happens when I report dumped rubbish which animals have got into. I can honestly attest for them never picking up spillages they cause, or loose waste from collection sites.  It’s really unacceptable so I’m glad it’s been noted.”

What you say

“Thank you for a great report and all the work you do on our behalf.”

“Thank you. As always, very impressive. “ 

“Excellent report, many items”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Hussain Ahmed, Janet Seale and Liam Taggart,

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