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Wellington Road estate

We have asked the Housing Department to take action against illegally parked cars in the Wellington Road Estate car park. The Housing Department say:

“We will arrange for the area to be monitored.  Should any vehicles be parked without authorisation a letter will be left on the car advising that they should not in the space without permission. “

We have also asked the Refuse Collection team to take action against people dumping rubbish by the black bins near Reynolds House.

Abbey Road

We have again asked the Council to require the landowner to remove the greenery overgrowing onto the pavement on Abbey Road by the Beatles crossing. The Tree officer says:

“I have spoken to the porter at Abbey House who said he would pass the information onto the maintenance manager. It may be in progress but I’ll send a formal letter to remind them that the matter is still outstanding.”

Marlborough Place 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

“I was just walking in Marlborough Place, just after the Rubbish Collection had been done and was absolutely appalled by the amount of rubbish that was left behind on the pavement and on the road: plastic bags, empty cans, empty cigarette boxes, you name it, it was there: whose responsibility is it to pick all this up? It is absolutely disgraceful”

The Council say:

“I’ve asked for talks to be given to all Veolia waste collection teams regarding their contract obligation to clear all spillage/litter on or around bags of waste when they do collections.  City Inspectors will be monitoring Marlborough Place.” 

Carlton Hill – update

The Planning Team has updated us on the situation at 42 Carlton Hill:

“The matter was investigated by the enforcement team, and I have now received confirmation that replacement trees have been planted in accordance with the planning conditions. 

Hamilton Terrace 

We have again asked the Council to take action against the anti-social people who regularly dump rubbish by the tree outside 79 Hamilton Terrace.

Abbey Road/Carlton Hill

Following a request from residents, we have asked the Council if there is anything that can be done to persuade the owners of Matlock Court who have removed two trees including the horse chestnut. The entire boundary of their property Abbey Road and Carlton Hill frontages is devoid of greenery. The chestnut was a ‘marker’ at the corner. The whole townscape has changed. 

Ordnance Hill 

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate this issue:

“In the front of the property at 4 Ordnance Hill there is a beautiful and mature tree (not sure which kind) which may be threatenedby proposed development plans for a Basement at No. 6, Ordnance Hill.”

The Planners say:

“Conditional planning permission was granted for excavation of a basement extension, erection of rear ground floor extension and installation of front and rear light wells at 6 Ordnance Hill in February this year.  The trees at 4 Ordnance Hill are protected by virtue of being in the conservation area.  I took the view that there would be limited risk of harm as a result of excavation for the basement, but the risk of damage during development, particularly to the tree at the front, should be controlled by tree protection conditions and informatives.   A tree protection method statement is required by pre-commencement condition. “

Carlton Hill – weight restrictions

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this recurring issue:

“I have written in the past about the number of times the weight restrictions in Carlton Hill [7.5 tons] are constantly flouted by trucks which are not on local service and coaches taking a short cut some of which weigh 25 tons. Carlton Hill is so narrow between Hamilton Terrace and Abbey Road that two cars cannot park with parked vehicles each side. This morning it was a gigantic coach with a destination board to Aberdeen! It could hardly turn the corner into Abbey Road where it then parked. Chicanes or one way working between Hamilton terrace and Abbey Road might be a solution as would a camera at the Maida Vale junction.”

St Johns and Elizabeth Hospital, Circus Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to look into this issue again:

“The hospital is now undergoing its third large expansion. It is no longer a small local hospital. It has operating theatres, specialist departments, wards, consultants and a large medical practice. It is situated with the main entrance on a curve whose sight lines are obscured by parking. There is no zebra crossing despite the hugely increased patient traffic many of whom are elderly. This is an accident waiting to happen. Three years ago WCC arranged a meeting with me and the young man agreed about the need and danger. Since when nothing”


We asked the Housing Department to investigate this issue:

“I live on Clifton Hill and am subjected to a swarm of huge seagulls that circle directly overhead dive-bombing into the garden so I can’t go into the garden. It is absolutely terrifying and I cannot let the children outside because of the way that they dive into the garden.  They emerge from the boundary Road estate but nothing is ever done about them. They are a serious health hazard- I have reported them many times and asked for their nests to be removed.”

The Housing Department say:

“Two surveys of the site have been undertaken and unfortunately, on both occasions it was only possible to identify limited activity around the junction, with the only gulls spotted flying across the border.   The Boundary Road estate actually falls under Camden Council remit and therefore we are unable to undertake works here. Camden Council has been advised of the situation. 

Unfortunately, there is no further action that can be taken by Westminster, as the nesting sites appear to be out of borough.   In addition to this, legislation around bird control is very stringent and unfortunately, as the only birds spotted were so far away on both occasions we were unable to identify the species. This affects control options as there are different protections around the two gull species we have here in London. 

The best course of action is to ensure that food availability is kept to a minimum, ensure rubbish is discarded correctly and removed promptly where this is not the case.”

St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street 

The essential, long-delayed redevelopment of St Mary’s hospital is stuck on hold despite the state of its old buildings and the government must now act. You can read Karen Buck MP’s speech from a recent debate on the NHS in North West London.

Help for young people and the homeless

The City of Westminster Charitable Trust is opening the Community Contribution Fund to applications from schools, voluntary and community organisations to support one of the following areas:

  • Helping young people reach their full potential, including staying safe, contributing positively to their community and developing longer term skills
  • Providing extra support for people who find themselves sleeping on Westminster’s streets

Organisations seeking funding for youth support projects can apply for up to £30,000. Organisations seeking funding to help people sleeping rough can apply for up to £10,000. Projects must help people in Westminster only and must be completed within 15 months.

More details can be found on the link below. The deadline to note is Friday 24th May.

Helping the homeless

Veolia’s ‘Road to Work’ programme will has helped 100 homeless and vulnerable people to get back into work. The scheme employs people in admin or street cleaner roles in Westminster, and provides specialised support services such as counselling and housing advice, as well as flexible working hours. The scheme has now become a permanent part of the company’s employment targets within Westminster and could be expanded into other contracts.  

What you say 

“Thanks as always for all the hard work”

“The blazing away of street lights during the day at ratepayers’ costand in contradiction to environmental consideration is an absolute disgrace” 

“Brilliant Report. Thanks”

“Excellent as usual no stone left unturned!”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Hussain Ahmed, Janet Seale and Liam Taggart,

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