St John
St John's Wood Labour Action Team

Cochrane Street

We have asked the Refuse Collection team to investigate this issue: 

“The communal recycle bins located next to Reynolds House and Fettes House communal car park are constantly used daily as a dumping site for furniture mattresses domestic waste left on the pavement “

Abbey Road pedestrian crossing

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

“I am writing to you about the Abbey Road crossing.  It is becoming difficult to pass the crossing on the Abbey Road Studio side as the shrubs from Abbey House are growing across the pavement.  Is it possible that the freeholder of Abbey House be asked to cut back the greenery?”

The Council says: 

“I’ll write to the owners asking them to prune back any vegetation overhanging the footway. This usually elicits a positive response but we do have statutory powers to take enforcement action if necessary.”

Dora House, St John’s Wood Road 

A new application is expected from Central & Cecil for two larger buildings – one of 14 storeys and the other 12 storeys.There is an existing planning permission for 2 buildings – one of 13 storeys and the other 10 storeys.

The site is now occupied by a property guardian company (Property Guardian Protection (PGP) and has been tidied up.

Park Road/Lodge Road

Following our enquiries about the short length of time allowed for pedestrians to cross the road, the Council says:

“An Engineer from the maintenance contractor for this area attended site to investigate this complaint. It was found that all timings are to current timing sheet. These crossing periods/timings are in line with the current advice set out by the Department for Transport.  This crossing is 13.4m wide and the green man period should appear for 8 seconds which is currently the case.” 

Abercorn Place 

We have reported this issue to the Council for action:

“Bikes for adults and children are quite literally heaped together at the bottom of Abercorn Place where the road meets the main junction of the Edgware Road.  The bikes are against the security railing where you would cross over to head for Maida Vale tube.  I am not sure if they are chained remarkable that none have been stolen. They all seem quite old and I wonder if they have just been abandoned.  Either way they are unsightly.” 

The Council say: 

“City Inspectors have been monitoring this area.  The majority of the bikes appear to be used on a daily basis but we’re arranging to have the four children’s bikes removed as they are clearly being stored on the public highway and no one has claimed them. “

Hall Road/Abbey Road 

We asked the Council to look in to this issue: 

“I’m wondering if the traffic lights at the junction of Hall Road and Abbey Road are responsible for the massive congestion currently occurring from the Sutherland Avenue roundabout, all the way up Hall Road, across Hamilton Terrace and on and up to Abbey Road. The island creation at the Sutherland roundabout and a few works by the Tesco petrol station don’t seem to be the cause. I’m sure it’s the aforementioned traffic lights. 

I counted it today. Roughly, the red light for Hall Road traffic at the Hall Road/Abbey Rd junction lasts some 70 seconds. The green light, for 17 seconds. Is this deliberate or are the lights faulty? Either way, this recent change is causing a problem with Hall Road. Never a problem before but over the past two or three weeks whatever is going on is causing a massive problem.”

Transport for London say:

“I’ve looked at the operation of traffic signals at the junction of Hall Road and Grove End Road and they appear to be operating correctly with no faults.They are connected to our central computer and the timings have not been altered for some time. Our computer is able to adjust the times based on traffic flow and this also appears to be operating correctly and making minor adjustments in real-time. 

I have monitored the green time for Hall Road and I have observed it vary between 10 and 31 seconds – the main influence on this is the pedestrian movement. When the pedestrian movement is called the green time is generally between 17-22 seconds, when it is not called Hall Road receives extra green time and can be as high as 31 seconds.”

Embassy Court, Wellington Road

Following our enquiries about the glare from lights on Embassy Court, the Council say:

“Officers visited the location yesterday once it got dark and could see the bright white glare from the light sited on the top façade of Embassy Court, 45 Wellington Road.They visited several flats in Reynolds House and assessed the light as a nuisance. This concurs with the views of the officers who visited last week. 

I believe that Planning Enforcement are also involved, and I am in the process of getting confirmation what their interest is.  We will initially try to resolve this issue amicably.  However, if no reasonable progress is made by persons responsible for Embassy Court then we are minded to take enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  We will make contact with the managing agents later today and I will update you on our progress.”

Marlborough and Hamilton Terrace

We asked the Council to contact Thames water about a gigantic leak on the junction of Marlborough and Hamilton Terrace.

Westminster Almshouses Foundation

Westminster Almshouses Foundation is a charity which owns and maintains 41 almshouse flats in Rochester Row, SW1 designed for independent living. The flats are self contained and a weekly maintenance charge is payable. Vacancies arise from time to time for applicants who are single, over the age of 60, have been living in Westminster for at least 3 years at the time of their application, have an acute housing need, and are on of modest incomes with less than £100,000 in savings or capital. For more details call the Clerk, Cristina O’Halloran on 0207 828 3131 or email

Elm Tree Road – what you say 

“We live in a house on Elm Tree Road and have done for almost 7 years – I’ve never known a more efficient rubbish collection team.  They’re absolutely brilliant and efficient and have absolutely no issues with the Job that they’re doing. Have our full support that they’re doing an excellent job. “

What you say

“Many thanks for all the updates.”

“I can report that the bush overgrowing near the Marlborough Place bus stop has been cut back”

“Excellent analysis of the Airbnb problem. I hope Westminster, and London in general (and the world!) can get a grip on a phenomenon which has become a huge commercial opportunity for some and a disaster for residents of so many cities, towns and villages.  “

“Thanks for your reports and your work.”

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