Dorset Square
Dorset Square

Gloucester Place/Marylebone Road

We have asked the Council and TfL to investigate the concerns raised by residents of Marathon House:

For years we suffered from the same issues as the residents of Dorset Square: our fire exit was used as make shift toilet, people were constantly sitting on the stairs and leaving their rubbish. Residents’ bedrooms are directly in front of the buses on the ground and first floor and were just a few meters from the buses. 

Our building is 100% residential. Many buses still stop near Marathon House, creating traffic jams, blocking the traffic lights (and preventing crossing Gloucester Place), and creating the same issues of crowding, engine idling, minicabs stopping and pollution near our flats.

In addition, the Oxford buses have recently relocated their bus stop in front of Marathon House, with associated noise even during the night, crowding near our front door, people sitting on the stairs and of course added pollution. Some people even attempt to enter our building to wait inside! At the moment Marathon House is completely surrounded by buses. We need less of them, and certainly not more.” 

Marylebone House, 129-137 Marylebone Road, NW1

Residents in Knox Street and Wyndham Street have asked us to support this campaign:

Sir Philip Green and Acardia have submitted a planning application to demolish and redevelop Marylebone House. It’s going to have a huge impact on the area, in particular Knox Street, Wyndham Street and York Street, but it is also going to affect Upper Montagu Street and Endford Street and will be seen from Wyndham Place. 

Planning application ref: 18/09637/FULL.The planning officer is Sarah Whitnall.  

They are knocking down the inside of the old 1938 building, demolishing the roof and the top two floors, the latter of which they will rebuild without the instep to make the building more square before adding a further 2 floors, one of which is a ‘palace’ roof from which will project a further metre of plant machinery. It will be significantly higher than the current building. The building will then be extended Southwards at this height – infilling the back and extending out by a further window span to create a monolithic square building. It will be much taller than its neighbouring buildings on the Marylebone Road and lose its original elegant proportions.

They are building a new (covered) delivery bay whose entrance is wider than the span of the neighbouring residential house to which is is attached.   The entrance bay sits under (within) the ‘lowest’ tier of the building. The huge gate has a further two floors of office space built on top of it.  These tower over the small row of terraces houses to which it is attached in Knox Street.  The entire development is completely out of proportion with both Knox Street and Wyndham Street and will bring delivery traffic up to residents’ front doors.  

The scale of the entire building is completely out of proportion with these two narrow streets (Knox Street is one way). It will remove sunlight and overlook local residences to the East and West of the building. It will loom over and foreshorten both streets and is completely out of sympathy with their Georgian heritage. It will also destroy treasured Georgian vistas from St Mary’s Church.

Seymour Leisure Centre

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues:

“Since the latest refurbishment, things have gone from bad to worse. The main issue is that the new women’s changing room is so cold that it cannot be used in winter. They have put a sign on the door yet have done nothing about it. This results in everyone using the (dry side) changing room and it’s very overcrowded with queues to use the showers.

The water in all the showers is cold and has been for months. I have complained many times yet the staff themselves say the management won’t do anything about it. The staff are mostly very rude. Is there anything you can do to push them into fixing the water temperature and the new changing room?

It’s seems a huge shame that they have spent so much money on refurbishment only to employ awful staff and provide a very very bad service. I would really appreciate your help as it’s clear they will not listen to fee paying customers. “

“It is a great centre with friendly staff, and a fantastic cleaner who does a very thorough job – but only Monday-Friday! Seymour is used a lot at the weekends, especially the pool, for general swimming and lessons for kids all day on Saturdays, so it is very puzzling why weekend cleaning has been stopped. Very grateful if you could shed any light on whether this is a borough-wide policy, and what can be done to reverse it.”

Brendon Street/Harrowby Street

Brendon Street residents have contacted us about the major increase in HGV traffic as a result of the Cycle Quietway through Harrowby Street which will require a reversal of traffic up Brendon Street and a routing of HGVs through this residential area, along Crawford Place and Seymour Place.  They say:

“There are multiple HGV deliveries every day that will now be routed through our residential streets as opposed to the current situation where they briefly enter the zone via Harrowby and Brendon Streets and leave again without touching most of the area. It cannot be good planning to conceive of a scheme which routes HGVs through a residential area – and particularly not one that is already under traffic pressure from the two-way scheme.  Of course there are two primary schools in the area, two nursery schools and hundreds of homes.” 

Our proposal to Westminster has been to suggest that, if the Cycle Quietway is to go ahead, HGVs must be banned from the area with Waitrose etc (Waitrose is responsible for at least 60pc of the HGV traffic) moving to overnight deliveries on the Edgware Road.  This is something that all the other businesses on the Edgware Road manage without any difficulty.”

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