CouncillorsPaul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale
CouncillorsPaul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale


News from your three Queen’s Park Ward Labour Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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Shirland Road/Ashmore Road black bins – update

The Council Refuse Team say:

“Feedback from the City Inspectors and Veolia collection crews is that there has been a very substantial decline in fly-tipping since the reconfiguration but problems are still cropping up. I understand that the CCTV proposal is still being investigated but there is no fixed timetable in place yet. I’m also arranging for street cleansing vehicles to begin regular proactive visits to bin sites in between the three scheduled bin collections each day with a remit to remove bulky items, put dumped bags/small items in the bins and do a general site clean-up.”

We have also reported this incident to the Refuse Team:

“The contractors working on a house refurbishment along Shirland Road had wheeled the entire black bin down to their site to load up with rubbish before presumably returning it to the corner for collection by the council. The audacity of this is quite astonishing!”

Kilburn Lane/Ashmore Road bins 

We have urged the Council to take strong action to stop the increased rubbish dumping at the bins at the top of Ashmore Road/Kilburn Lane. 

Harrow Road

We have reported these issues to the Council:

“I am afraid that there is an increasing number of rats running along the terrace of the canal-side properties on the Harrow Road (between the Ha’Penny Steps bridge and the Harrow Road Gardens – opposite the QP Library). I have seen a number of rats in the Gardens and by the bridge and the terrace is literally a ‘rat run’ between the two. Could you please arrange for these areas to be bated – quickly? 

“Also, somebody has crashed into the road island on the Harrow Road near Third Avenue. The broken bollard is lying on the pavement nearby (near 457 Harrow Road). This is a hazard because it gets knocked into the road. Could this bollard please be collected and a new bollard installed on the island.”

Ha’Penny Steps Bridge

We have again asked for the defective lights on the bridge to be repaired. The Street Lighting Team say:

“I have been advised that a faulty time clock was causing the reported problems.  I can confirm that a new clock has been installed yesterday and I hope this will resolve the issue.” 

Bravington Road

We have asked the Refuse Team to investigate persistent rubbish dumping in Bravington Road. 

Third Avenue 

We have reported this issue to the Street Lighting team: 

“I walked down Third Avenue. it’s very dark with three sets of street lighting out – one is at the Third Avenue junction with Bruckner Street and the other two lights are before you get to the top of Third Avenue near the health centre. It’s very dark at the health centre end.” 

Bike Hangars 

We have asked the Cycling Team to consider a location in Fifth Avenue for a bike hangar:

“I noticed that there was a positive report about the Bike shelter/store in Ilbert Street, and that there was a possibility of having further Bike stores in other parts of the estate. We are at Fifth Avenue and as we use bikes and do not own a car, I am writing to make ask that if possible, another Bike Store be put in front of our house. We would certainly welcome it.”

Kilburn Lane – update

Following our enquiries aboutpedestrian safety and speeding vehicles on Kilburn Lane, the Council says:

“A review of the safety record for Kilburn Lane reveals that there were no collisions reported within the 36-month period running from the 1st January 2015 to the 31st December 2017 and as such, this does not appear on the ‘long list’

With regards to the speeding element, there is an initiative run in partnership with the Metropolitan Police to investigate local concerns with speeding vehicles, called Community Roadwatch.  The scheme gives residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles.  We have reported Kilburn Lane to Community Roadwatch, and information captured through the scheme will help identify whether further investigations are required in the future.  If you wish to be involved in this, please let me know and I will pass your details on to the scheme manager, alternatively, additional information can be obtained by contacting: “

Kilburn Lane/Harrow Road/Ladbroke Grove – update

We have received the following update on the pedestrian phase signals at this junction:

“We are awaiting TfL sign-off on the new traffic signal design for the junction, which I understand to be imminent, and following that we will formally submit the traffic modelling to TfL for their audit and approval to allow us to take the scheme to finalised design stages and implementation.The programme has a July start date for works to begin on site, but this is dependent on TfL approvals running smoothly.”

Wilberforce School 

Westminster City Council has submitted a planning application for a new multi-use games area (MUGA), for community use at Wilberforce Primary School.The pitch will be exclusively for the use of Wilberforce pupils and staff during school opening hours, and will be available to be used by the local community outside of school hours.

The proposed opening hours for the community are 5pm-9pm on weekdays, and 10am-6pm at weekends. Use of the pitch during these hours would be scheduled via an online booking system to avoid disappointment and unscheduled usage on the day.  Opening hours have been revised to reflect the views of local residents, and the pitch will be managed by a local community group, who have experience in managing similar council-owned facilities in Queen’s Park.

We are supporting the proposal as it will be a place for people of all ages to participate in sport and games. This will increase the number of community facilities available in Queen’s Park, and will also provide more opportunities for residents to be physically active and social.

If you have any questions, please contact the council’s Physical Activity, Leisure and Sports team on: 020 7641 2012

Dangerous dog

We have reported this incident to the police:

“Outside Nando’s and Tesco Express on Chamberlayne Road a pit bull just attacked a little terrier dog. Can you please help with this dog issue in our neighbourhood again!  The owner of the dog was cursing!  It could have easily been our children. “

The police say: 

“This happened in Brent. I am speaking to the officers who deal with the area to see what is happening with any investigation. Although it happened in Brent, it is very close to Westminster and we will keep an eye out for any potential suspect and dog, as any dog that behaves like this is likely to do it again given the attitude of the owner.”

Westminster Almshouses Foundation

Westminster Almshouses Foundation is a charity which owns and maintains 41 almshouse flats in Rochester Row, SW1 designed for independent living. The flats are self contained and a weekly maintenance charge is payable. Vacancies arise from time to time for applicants who are single, over the age of 60, have been living in Westminster for at least 3 years at the time of their application, have an acute housing need, and are on of modest incomes with less than £100,000 in savings or capital. For more details call the Clerk, Cristina O’Halloran on 0207 828 3131 or email

St Marylebone Bridge School, Third Avenue – what you say 

“Iam writing on behalf of the staff and students of St Marylebone CE Bridge School to thank you, fellow councillors and Barrie Taylor for arranging the Christmas tree for the school – the students are delighted and looking forward to decorating it – we will forward photographs! and hope you will be able to include our thanks in the ward newsletter.”

Jubilee site – what you say 

“I live on Caird Street and am getting very fed up with the continued inaction on the site. I appreciate your efforts to get some information, but I wonder if you could strengthen our case with a suggestion that the penalty which is usually incurred by such delays be put to good use, such as allocating a number of the properties to homeless families – say one dwelling for every month’s lateness in completion of the contract. Why should they not lose some of the profit as a result of their inefficiency?  The way it is now, the community is losing out on every aspect of this project.”

What you say

“Super update. Thanks for all of your efforts- especially on the Ashmore/Shirland dump that has now been transformed!!” 

“Thanks for all that you do for us year round”

“Thank you as always for such a concise and interesting update on our area and all your efforts to support residents on such a wide range of issues.” 

“It’s great to see all of the improvements that have been made to address the dumping at the junction of Ashmore and Shirland Roads and overall the piles of mattresses and appliances seem to have reduced.” 

“Thank you for the regular newsletters that come our way about news in the Queens Park estate.We appreciate all that you and your team do.”

“Thank you again for all that you are doing.”

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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