Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale
Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

Recycling collection alert

The police have asked us to alert you to this incident: 

“The Safer Neighbourhood team have been made aware that there has been an incident where a resident has had their recycling bags taken from their garden. The people who took the bags are not believed to be authorised to do so. We would advise that if possible, that any documents containing personal information be shredded before being recycled. Used bank cards can be returned to the bank, or be cut into several pieces, including the chip, and half the parts disposed of one week, and the other the next week, or at two different locations.”

Verdi Crescent

We have asked Tony Bird, our City Inspector, to investigate these issues:

“Verdi Crescent is having problems with litter again. I reported this in the summer and it was sorted but it hasn’t been swept in weeks so there’s a lot of rubbish. One side of the street is maintained by City West Homes and that’s swept daily the other side is usually swept by viola cleaning company. Weeds are also a problem.”

Another problem is the recycling bins on the corner of Herries Street and Verdi Crescent. it’s become a dumping ground for fly tippers nearly every day a sofa or mattress is dumped there. The recycling bins are often contaminated with general rubbish which is annoying for people who are keen on recycling. It’s also a problem for people with buggies and wheelchair users as these big items block the pavement.”

Ashmore Road –update

Following our enquiries about the resurfacing of Ashmore Roads, residents say:

“Yes, the road resurfacing is excellent on Ashmore Road however they didn’t install the speed humps back. Therefore, it’s like a racing track with motorists and cyclists making full use of the no humps. It’s only a matter of time when an accident will occur. Are there plans to reinstate the speed humps?”

The Council say:

The humps are to be replaced within the next couple of weeks.”

Queen’s Park Gardens

Following the terrible attack on a child by a good in Queen’s Park Gardens, we have received this message from the mother of the child:

“I thought it was important to let you know that I recently found out that the staffie dog that attacked my baby boy in the summer (in QP gardens) was put down by his owners a few days after the attack, and apparently the couple who owned the dog moved away from the area straight away, as they were worried about the repercussions. There was a real social media storm after the attack, driven by my sister, so perhaps this is where the pressure came from. She received countless threats from locals claiming that the pictures of my son were fakes and the attack was a lie. It was a horrible situation to be in but regardless it is important you let people know that the dangerous dog has been long gone.

We were only staying with friends in QP over the summer so are no longer around but appreciate the support from you, and from the local community. I am a north west Londoner who now lives abroad and was amazed by the sense of community and attention this received. Luckily my boy got away with just a large scar under his hair line and across his eye brow and eye lid. Hopefully he took a small hit for what could have been a much worse attack on another child.”

Lancefield Street

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“There is a horrible over-flowing rubbish truck parked virtually outside the Sunrise Nursery and it is a health and safety hazard. It seems to have been dumped there as always there and the rubbish is overflowing – the other day something toppled off the top in the wind almost onto my three year old on his bike.It is just on the corner of Lancefield Street and Mozart Street.”

The Council say:

“After a considerable effort, we successfully managed to have the abandoned tipper truck removed from Lancefield Street. So thanks to all on an excellent team effort in having this dangerous vehicle removed from Westminster public highway and also freeing up a residents parking bay at the same time.Special thanks to Veolia, for assisting in the cleansing disposal of the waste from the overloaded tipper truck, to enable it to be safely removed by our abandoned vehicles disposal unit, also thanks to the Waste Team for approving the waste to be removed, and the Abandoned vehicles Team for arranging the quick turnaround in arranging the removal of the vehicle.”

A satisfied resident said:

“This is really excellent news – thank you very much to all involved for sorting it out. My son will be disappointed he missed the tow truck in action! But super that we have some photos to show him so thanks for those also.”

Queen’s Park Court 

Leaseholders in Queen’s Park Court have contacted us about the latest major works bills they have received from City West Homes. We have asked City West Homes to provide detailed breakdowns of the bills as requested by residents.

Fifth Avenue 

We have asked the Tree Officer to replace damaged trees outside 31/33 and 92 Fifth Avenue.

We have also asked the Council to improve the street sweeping at the bottom end of Fifth Avenue. 

Galton Street

We arranged for the Council to remove a dead fox from the garden of a house in Galton Street.

Huxley Street

We asked the Council to sweep the leaves along Huxley Street. 

Caird Street

We asked the Council to remove a dumped car in Caird Street.

Kilravock Street 

We have asked the Recycling collection team to investigate this issue: 

“I am having a constant battle with waste recycling collections. For months now they are not collecting all the waste, that I and my neighbour have been putting out. Last month I had to chase after them and bring them back to my house to see that once again they never collected for the 3rd week.  Today I went out to check and again items were left even though they could see them and no obstructions for collection they took the bags but left other items that were in the black recycling box.”


Residents living in the Avenues houses often ask for contact details of companies who can quote for new railings, gates etc. Here are two companies that might be able to assist:

MQ Metal – 671037

RNB – pbothwell@rnbengineering.com08001 216687

Marban Road 

We have asked the Council to locate CCTV cameras at the big black bins on Marban Road, near the junction with Ashmore Road, to identify those responsible for persistent dumping of mattresses and furniture.

A 6-week trial removal of this bin site is being organised and should start early next week once signs/leaflets are printed. The Council say:

“Notices informing residents of the trial will be posted on the bins and will be in place for seven days in advance of their removal.  We’ll also distribute letters to local residents confirming their doorstep waste and recycling collection days and how to dispose of bulky waste properly. Collection vehicles will continue to visit the site several times per day to clear any dumped waste after the bins have gone. This will continue until we get a long run of fly-tip free days – the second and third weeks after removal are usually a good indictor of whether its working well or not.  We will also be monitoring as a waste enforcement priority location.”

We very much hope that this trial will be successful in significantly reducing the amount of dumped rubbish at this location

Herries Street

We have asked City West Homes to to take action to make the stairwell steps safe at 13 Herries Street: 

I believe it is a major accident/incident waiting to happen, whenever I visit my parents I find the surface tiles slippery with any type of footwear which is made worst when there is damp weather outside and people have walked in and out of the stairwell, and after the stairs have been cleaned. Please can you ask someone to address this ASAP as I have concerns about my parents and other residents especially during the wet winter months.”

Faulty Street Lights – Update

We have received the following update from the Street Lighting Team: 

“I would like to confirm that there is currently an issue with the lighting management system which controls the lighting on various streets and that our service provider FM Conway are in the process of changing the columns to photocells so that they react to the changing light rather than a centralised signal.I would also like to confirm a number of streets where there have been issues noted will also be converted by the end of November and they are as follows:

  • Kilravock Street
  • Third Avenue
  • Fourth Avenue”

Kilburn Lane

We have reported this issue to the Road Safety Team:

“The zebra crossing on Kilburn Lane London around number 320 (opposite the launderette and Lebanese food store) is very dangerous. Cars come up and down Kilburn Lane and often don’t see the crossing and don’t stop. Many times we have been walking half way across and a car has come at high speed down the road and flown straight across it without stopping.I have seen many people crossing it and having to take a step back as cars go straight over without stopping. This included mothers with prams etc.

This is compounded by the fact that it’s just behind a bus stop. When buses are waiting there, the crossing is obscured behind it when cars come up Kilburn Lane heading towards Premiere corner. Plus, cars try and overtake the buses, heading away from the crossing, again obscuring the view of traffic on the other side of the road. Please can this be looked into before there is a serious accident.”

The Flora, 525 Harrow Road 

Following the recent Planning Inquiry, the Inspector has turned down the planning appeal. The decision is as follows: 

“The appeal is dismissed and planning permission for the proposed development described as “Continued use as public house (Use Class A4) at basement and ground floors and conversion of upper floors into six residential units. Roof extension to existing building. Erection of five-storey mixed-use building over beer garden retaining Class A4 use at ground floor level and provision of four residential units on upper floors. Demolition of pub garden outbuildings and boundary wall to Harrow Road” is refused.”

Harrow Road

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Ijust wanted to bring up further issues about the way rubbish is being thrown opposite our door. It’s been like this everyday and the smell has gone up to our flat. He’s also moving rubbish from elsewhere via the van to be thrown here for various reasons. And he keeps the yellow van on the loading bay for at least 12 hours, was there not a traffic warden to ensure the loading bay was kept clear at most times?”

Moberly Sports Centre

We have again asked the Council to investigate these reports about the conditions at the Moberly Sports Centre:

“Didn’t take long for the Moberly Sports Centre to get as bad as the Jubilee. Changing room robberies, broken shower not working for a month, filthy pool, poolside lockers with no doors”

State of the equipment room! There was chewing gum on the floor in the studio on Monday!” 

The Council say:

“There have been some isolated incidents of locker break ins which were reported to the police and the site team are cooperating. The security at Moberly is very good and consistent with the arrangements in other centres and all access gates are fully working. Unfortunately, we do have people that will pay to use the facility and attempt to break in to lockers on rare occasions. The site team will continue to take a very vigilant approach in this area. 

I understand that the defective shower has now been addressed and that all showers are in full working order. Any broken or damaged lockers are being addressed by the appointed building contractor and repairs are being arranged as needed. There are ample available lockers in all changing rooms. The staff equipment room has been cleaned and the rubbish removed.” 

Jubilee Sports Centre

We are continuing the to press the Council and the developers to get started on the Jubilee redevelopment. This is the latest update from the Council:

“Officers in the Development Team have continued discussions with the developer, EcoWorld and are seeking to progress the next phase of works as soon as possible.   Officers are expecting a formal response from EcoWorld, which will include timescales, shortly. Once this is confirmed, we will share these dates and will ensure Ward Members are kept updated with progress.”

We have also asked the Council to ensure that the burglar alarm is fitted with an automatic cut-out after a recent incident when the alarm was ringing for 24 hours.

Queen’s Park Winter Fair Week

Queen’s Park Winter Fair Week:

  • Over 50s party Wednesday 5thDecember 1-4pm St Jude’s Hall
  • Outdoor Winter Fair Saturday 8thDecember 1-4pm in Queen’s Park Gardens.

Want to run a stall at the Winter Fair? Get in touch with

Victoria Wharf 

The Victoria Wharf block, at the Ladbroke Grove entrance to the Grand Union Canal, has 22 affordable-rent flats and has been named the country’s best small development at Building magazines’s awards.

Tackling illegal short term lets 

We have called for more powers for local authorities to deal with the menace that is turning so many of our homes into hotels.

Tourist Tax

We have received strong support from Westminster residents for the idea of introducing a small ‘Tourist Tax’ on hotel and Airbnb room occupancy. In particular, residents support the idea of a ‘Tourist Tax’;

  • To help pay for the cost of providing facilities which tourists enjoy – keeping the environment clean and tidy, maintaining parks, street lights and open spaces, public toilets, policing and emergency services
  • To help to pay for specialist inspectors to crack down on illegal short-lets.
  • To put Westminster in line with other capital cities across the globe which residents visit and pay a small ‘Tourist Tax’. For example, Athens, Paris, Rome and Florence charge a “progressive visitor levy” which charges a higher tax for a higher class of room. Rome charges €7 for a five-star room and €4 for a three-star room.

Introducing a small Tourist Tax on hotel bedroom occupancy could raise about £25 million a year, based on a flat rate of £1.60p per room

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.


Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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