Paddington Station
Paddington Station

Connaught Street area

Please be aware of this scam

“I live in Connaught Street, W2, and was surprised to have a visit from a “Nottingham Knocker” the other evening. It was the classic ex-convict selling cleaning products scam. He even produced a credit card terminal when I said I had no cash. I rang 101 and reported it in the hope that it might encourage some investigation in the area. But I can’t say the response gave much encouragement that anything would happen.

Apparently It is a well known trick used to find potential burglary targets. I managed fairly quickly to overcome my surprise and close the door on him, but the lasting impression was that I has just experienced the consequences of police underfunding.I’m not sure quite what you can do with this information, but it would be useful to let people know that the area is being targeted.

Eastbourne Mews

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Someone seems to have annexed part of the public way in the mews for their convenience. By placing the fences where they are, pedestrians are forced out into the road. This is a busy mews, with considerable cut-through traffic (especially when Eastbourne Terrace is shut). It used to be you could walk down this mews relatively safely and use the private road to the corner (now shut off) to access the station. Pedestrians are now left to walk down the road, or zig-zag across it. I might also note that Westminster has planted a series of bollards right in the middle of the very narrow pavement at the bottom, which forces pedestrian to walk in the road. I don’t think the fence location or the bollards contribute to safety. “ 

Clarendon Place

On behalf of residents we have asked the Council why their contractor,F M Conway Ltd, has suspended a 7/8 car Resident Parking area in Clarendon Place to establish a storage compound. for at least 4 months without carrying out any local roadworks. The Council say:

“The compound was set up for drainage further works on Hyde Park Street as well as a high number of reactive activities within the vicinity. Site clearance will be undertaken this week and we expect the compound to be fully removed by the weekend. Apologies for any inconvenience caused for the residents on Clarendon Place.”

Montgomery House, W2

We have asked Peabody for an update on the replacement of the cladding on Montgomery House. Peabody say:

“We have just received the Section 20 notification of the work the freeholder is planning to do. This includes replacing the aluminium composite cladding and the insulation along with other remedial work.”

Hyde Park Corner

Vic Keegan tells the story of the statue that was too big for its boots

Paddington Station taxi parking – update

Following our enquiries about taxi parking outside Paddington Station, the Parking Team say:

As you may be aware, the issue with cabs here is a long standing one and the location has been subject to special enforcement measures by our marshals for a number of years, with officers from TfL attending regularly as well.   History has shown that we cannot enforce idling legislation as the vehicles are not stationary, but are instead are moving in a line of very slow moving traffic.  Also, for safety reasons, the marshals cannot step onto the carriageway to carry out enforcement action.  We will continue to closely monitor the area and to educate motorists on the detrimental impacts caused by idling. “

Residents say:

“The easy option would be to widen the pavement so there is physically no space for the taxis to stop there idling. The problem is ongoing and they are clearly defiant of any enforcement attempt. Frankly the pavement is too narrow given the volume of people. Why not widen it? It would resolve the issue once and for all. “

Paddington Central towpath – what you say

“I would like to add my weight to the complaints about cyclists on the Paddington Central Towpath – from St Mary’s Hospital onwards past Sheldon Square – I am at a loss to understand why cycling is not banned, bearing in mind the huge number of pedestrians and the fact that at night it is not particularly well lit near the hospital. Would that cyclists had bells to ring most get past using intimidation or swearing.”

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