Councillors Tim Roca, Ruth Bush and Guthrie McKie
Councillors Tim Roca, Ruth Bush and Guthrie McKie

Lanhill Road

We have again asked the Street Lighting Team to fix the defective street lights in Lanhill Road.They say: 

“Our service provider has now attended to the lighting and I would hope that these issues are now resolved, the columns required the installation of photocells which will resolve the issue. “ 

Riverton Close

We have asked City West Homes to investigate this issue: 

“We rent garage at Riverton Close. We are concerned about a fire risk and security.There is no lock on the outside of the garage block. In two unlocked garages there are piles of mattresses. The garages are underneath flats. The residents will be unaware of the risk below them. Anyone can access the garages. Please can you alert whoever needs to secure the garages and remove the fire risk.”

Warlock Road 

We have asked the Council to install CCTV cameras at the junction of Warlock and Walterton Roads to identify those responsible for rubbish dumping. Residents say:

“The bins at the corner of Warlock/Walterton are shocking. The items being dumped is a disgrace. I have seen cars pull up and dump building waste.I spoke to the chaps collecting on Saturday just gone and they are in despair with what they have to pick up. I had to wait until they moved the items until I could pass with my pushchair.I was horrified to hear that the council doesn’t listen to them about this stuff. They are the eyes and ears on the ground.I spoke about CCTV that I had read about in your newsletter which I think is a great idea. “

Great Western Road

We have contacted the Westminster Society about the upkeep of their property, including the gardens, at 22-24 Great Western Road.

Hormead Road

We have asked Westway Housing Association to fix the leak to an overflow pipe which has been dripping water onto the pavement for months. As well as unsightly, it is dangerous, as the algae make the pavement slippery.

Maida Hill Piazza – what you say

There continues to be a real divergence of views about the situation in the evening/night: 

I am very pleased to read that the Police take a decent humane response to the people sitting on the benches.  I accept that there are occasional incidents of ASB which need to be dealt with but generally those who congregate are merely chatting, joking or playing dominoes etc.  The drinking very seldom gets out of hand. 

Of course I am sorry for the person who claims to be kept awake half the night but I cannot believe that this is a frequent occurrence.  I live very nearby and pass the men on the benches almost every day (or night) and rejoice to see people making use of the communal space.  The streets are for the people and it is nice to see them being used for these friendly meetings.  I often return home alone late in the evenings and I have never been in any way intimidated or harassed by those sitting out.  Let us live and let live.”

You know very well (from daily emails from me) that NOTHING is being done – the Police and the Council do NOT patrol the area and the council refuses to declare NO DRINKING zone (controlled drinking is basically nothing). Last night they were here till 3am, screaming and arguing.”

“People have been sitting here drinking and shouting for the past hour and will no doubt continue into the night. Despite having double glazed windows and wearing earplugs I can still hear when they are shouting.”

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