Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale
Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale


News from your three Queen’s Park Ward Labour Councillors Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale 

Enbrook Street

We have called on the Council to take action on this issue:

“We live on Enbrook Street and the rubbish dumping is astonishing – there’s simply no regard for the area or the poor residents (with children) in the house that suffers the most on the corner of Enbrook Street and Third Avenue and of course, the schoolchildren that pass it every morning. Take a look at what’s dumped there every week – it’s quite incredible. Gas bottles, fridges, sofas, building waste. Can we request CCTV to be installed so the culprits can be caught and fined please?”

We have also reported this recurring issue: 

“There is a large trailer parked in resident parking bays or I have also seen it occupy the whole bay for motorbikes on the same street. I don’t believe it has a permit as it does not have number plates. It seems unfair to all those who have paid to park. “ 

Second Avenue

We have asked the Street Sweeping team to investigate this issue:

“is there any chance of appealing for weekend street sweeping on Second Avenue? As we are right off the Harrow Road the build up of rubbish is disgusting and of course, weekends the time people create the most rubbish. It’s also the time we are of course most consistently home and it’s so hideous swerving past chicken bones, empty beer cans and takeaway food. Surely there is a case for a Sunday sweep at least, I see someone doing the Harrow Road itself often. Also agree with one of the comments below on people leaving out rubbish on Second Avenue every day of week, rather than bin day.”

The Street Sweeping team say:

“The Harrow Road is swept every day which is typical of the streets that experience high foot fall across the city. I have spoken to the local depot and the issue of litter at weekends is due to the fast food and late night shops on the Harrow Road.  I have asked the depot to ensure the sweepers cut into these feeder streets when the scheduled sweeps on Harrow Road are undertaken. 

Outside of scheduled times residents can report a sweep through the Council’s website at They’ll need to register initially then it’s fairly straightforward, and the request will go directly to the local depot.”

Residents say:

“That’s great thanks. Even if the sweepers doing the Harrow Road could do the bottom of Second Avenue where it connects to harrow road when they sweep would be a huge improvement.”

Kilburn Lane/Fifth Avenue 

We have asked Tony Bird, our City Inspector to investigate this issue:

“There is a small convertible ‘Ford KA’ that appears to have been (a) double parked/parked very selfishly on a joint-use bay, or (b) abandoned. It’s at the junction of Kilburn Lane Fifth Avenue. It hasn’t moved since the beginning of summer, it now has no air in its tyres and clearly isn’t going anywhere soon. If it can be reparked so that others can make use of the limited parking space available, this would be a great help.”

Beethoven Street

We have again asked the Street Sweeping team to investigate the situation in Beethoven Street. They say:

“Beethoven Street is swept twice a week. Residents/businesses can also report issues if the area does become littered at 

The sweepers daytime beats are between 6.30 am and 2pm, so it can be later in the day before the sweeper gets to this street. However, I have asked the local depot manager to monitor it.” 

Shirland Road/Ashmore Road junction 

The rubbish dumping at the corner of Shirland/Ashmore Roads has continued and we have repeated our call to the Council to locate CCTV cameras to catch those responsible. The Council say:

“The bins have now been moved around the corner and the planters have been installed. 

The City Inspectors for both Queens Park and Harrow Road wards are undertaking regular inspections throughout the day with a view to increasing enforcement where appropriate. 

In recent weeks we have issued 2 Fixed Penalty Notices where we have identified offenders and also issued a number of warnings to residents who have used the facilities inappropriately. We have also provided education around the current waste issues and proper use of the bins.

In respect of CCTV operations at the location I have asked CWH for an update on my request for information. In addition, we have also contacted a private company to get an estimate of the costs.

The City Inspectors will also be engaging with premises in the vicinity that appear to be having renovation works undertaken. This is to ensure the property owners/builders are aware of the correct waste disposal procedures and the consequences if this is not complied with.

I am also organising weekend night time enforcement deployments in the next couple of weeks. We have contacted regular complainants asking for their opinions on when the majority of the dumping is occurring so that we can plan this accordingly. We will continue to action this area as a high priority in the meantime.”

Dart Street/Dowland Street

We have asked Tony, our City Inspector, to investigate a black Ford which appears to have been abandoned at the corner of Dart and Dowland Streets.

We have also asked the police to investigate allegations that a prostitute is operating in the Dart Street area.

Ha’Penny Steps lights 

We have asked the Street Lighting team to take action here to fix the lights on the bridge. Residents say: 

“Just got in from church over the Ha’Penny Steps, 3 lights are out on the bridge. Most of our parishioners are elderly, it’s really hard to see until your three quarters of the way over. I would hate anyone to fall over.Can you help us, get the lights restored?”

Harrow Road

Following representations from residents about a planning application for the proposed change of use from a shop to a restaurant on Harrow Road, we have asked the Council to attachproper controls to the planning permission if the application is approved.

Residents living in the flats above are concerned that they will be badly affected by cooking smells, smoking fumes and noise from restaurant users all day and night.

We have asked the Council to attach the following conditions:

  • There should be no outdoor seating at the front and rear garden area of the property so that residents living above are not subjected to late night noise or fumes from smoking
  • There should be effective control of cooking smells so that the smell of cooking does not permeate into residential accommodation above, forcing residents to keep their windows closed at all times.
  • Hours of operation should be strictly controlled and enforced and the restaurant should close before midnight
  • The restaurant should not be a ‘takeaway’ and any takeaway sales should be a very small proportion of trade

Sixth Avenue

We have asked Tony to investigate this issue: 

“We have a new serial dog poo bag dropper at the top end of Sixth Avenue onto Kilburn Lane. Some of the bags get squashed on the pavement and road. We have the two WCC bins within 10m and 20m and sometimes the poo bags are dropped next to the bins! May we also have much bigger signage that specifically calls out bag-dumping too? Like A4 or even A3 size, blunt and to the point.

Related, there’s an amounting pile of black bin bags between Oliphant and Kilburn Lane, east side, next to the tree. There are also food-waste bags accumulating next to the bin at Sixth/Oliphant, east side.” 

Peach Road

We have asked the Highways team to repair this problem:

“The curb outside our house has been quite badly damaged – not sure how.  Possibly during the recent resurfacing works?  Could you please ask the council to repair it? “

Third Avenue 

We have asked the police to investigate this issue:

“There was some sort of gathering outside one of the houses on Third Avenue where shouting and revving of motorbikes woke me about 1.30 am it continued until about3 am.I doubt anyone on Third Avenue at the junction of Caird Street got much sleep either I hope this doesn’t keep going it’s impossible to sleep with all the shouting and congregating.”

The police say:

“This is being looked at as part of out Autumn Nights taskings”

Portnall Road/Harrow Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate the persistent rubbish dumping on the pavement in Portnall Road near the junction with Harrow Road.

Sale of cigarettes to children

We have asked the Council to investigate reports of a number of shops selling cigarettes to children. 

The Avenues Youth Project 

For details of The Avenues Winter programme see

Queen’s Park Community Council

QPCC grants is open! Apply for £200-3500. Open to voluntary or community organisations and individuals delivering projects and events in Queen’s Park. Deadline 21 November 

Moberly Sports Centre

Following complaints by residents about swimming pool cleanliness, two new notices will now be displayed inside the changing rooms requesting that swimmers shower before entering the pool.

We have continued to receive complaints about cleanliness:

“Swimming pool at the Moberly Centre filthy dirty yet again first thing this morning – clumps of hair, bits of plastic floating around. Whatever cleaning routine/protocols you have in place, they aren’t good enough. Please sort. “

“Spoke to them this am about rusty screws, hair ties and bandaids in the pool too. Said they are understaffed and couldn’t do anymore than use the automated pool cleaner. Clearly doesn’t work. Who does health checks on the water?”

The Council say:

“The site team had experienced an issue with the pool vac which has now been replaced and an immediate improvement will be made.The site contractor consistently review their cleaning arrangements and also have external inspections on a regular basis. The pool water quality is checked several times a day by the site team and recorded for inspection.  An external microbiological test is also carried out by an independent contractor once a month which has consistently produced highly satisfactory results.Officers will also continue to undertake regular inspections of the facility to ensure appropriate service standards.”

Jubilee Sports Centre

We are continuing to press the Council and developers to get started on the Jubilee redevelopment:

“Is there any information available for what is going on with the Jubilee Sports Centre? I can find little about what the plan or timeline is. It’s sad to see it in such a state and our fear is that this will be the norm for some time, if not indefinitely. Do you have any information about the plans?” 

The City West Homes nightmare continues

Westminster City Council’s decision to scrap City West Homes and bring it in-house has been welcomed across the city by tenants and leaseholders. The Labour Group’s year-long campaign on behalf of Westminster’s 22,000 tenants and leaseholders has been totally vindicated. This latest dossier of 25 more ‘nightmare’ stories exposes the scale of the task ahead for Westminster Council. THE CWH NIGHTMARE CONTINUES

The hard work now begins and Labour Councillors will continue the fight for a more effective, efficient and resident-focussed housing service. The Council’s Director of Housing has already acknowledged that there is a very big job to do. She told the Council Cabinet:

“So, whilst all efforts will be to maintain service delivery if not improve it over the next six months, I would be the first to acknowledge that we will need another six months after that, of hard work, to get those services organised and delivering at a level that you and your residents would expect.”

You can read Labour’s proposals for improving Westminster’s housing service here 

Cleaning up the Planning system in Westminster

Councillor Robert Davis, until recently Westminster Council Deputy Leader and for many years both Chair of the Planning Committees and Cabinet Member in charge of development, has finally resigned after a Council investigation found that his behaviour had breached the Council’s code of conduct and had damaged the reputation of the Council. Cllr Davis resigned as Deputy Leader after being exposed in February 2018 when the Guardian picked up a Westminster Labour story about the scale of his the hospitality he had received from property developers (514 cases in three years, 893 over six years).

Westminster Labour Leader Cllr Adam Hug said:

“We welcome the findings of the Council’s investigation that shows in no uncertain terms the inappropriate nature of Councillor Davis’s long-standing behaviour, taking extraordinary amounts of hospitality from the development industry. 

On Councillor Davis’ watch, despite billions being invested in Westminster property development, the Council failed to come close to meeting its own meagre affordable housing targets, leaving hundreds of families in desperate housing need let down by the council, their life chances hurt by a culture that was seen to put the needs of developers ahead of residents.

Councillor Davis’ behaviour has dramatically undermined public trust in Westminster Council and it is absolutely right that he has resigned. The Council must listen to Westminster Labour’s ideas for radical reform of how the council manages the planning process so that it can better serve local residents in the future.”

You can read the final report by Westminster City Council into allegations over hospitality received by former Councillor Robert Davis 

Ashmore Road – what you say

“Just want to say the guys from Conway that resurfaced Ashmore Road this week were first class! The section between Marban Road and Kilburn Lane done in just 2 days, I’ve never seen road works happen so fast – and it looks great too!”

Tourist Tax – what you say

“Many places have done this for decades (California have since the 1980s), and I think folk know, if well-presented, why not? It’s reciprocal. Wouldn’t anybody think kindly on an opportunity to give back to a community they enjoy? I’d want a scheme to be very simple, low-admin. I would want the majority of income fed back into the almost-WCC-decimated community services which contributed to a “vibrant, safe place” and most especially, in order, youth and sports/activity services, Culture and Arts (for all) and perhaps international exchanges, green places, services which are used by everybody in the Borough, including tourists and business visitors alike (and lavatories, drinking-water fountain points).” 

What you say

“Very many thanks for this. Brilliant as usual and most informative.” 

“These updates are brilliant thank you! “ 

“Thank you for the insightful and honest reports on activity in the area. We’re owners of one of the cottages on the estate and appreciate your commitments to trying to help maintain the community in the area.”

“Many thanks for your continued hard work and efforts – it’s very much appreciated.” 

“Thank you as always for the work that you undertake to make our lives better, living in this wondrous borough.”

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.



Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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