Little Venice Labour Action Team
Little Venice Labour Action Team

Formosa Street/Blomfield Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“A mirror needs to be placed at the corner of Formosa Street and Blomfield Road on the canal side (near the Waterway restaurant). It is an extremely dangerous part of the road because it is a blind spot for drivers.  This is especially the case on the weekend, when cars are parked on both sides of Blomfield Road. This leaves little room for one car to travel let alone two cars to pass each other.  Regardless of this, cars often come speeding up Formosa Street with little regard or knowledge of the fact that cars coming down Blomfield in the opposite direction are often in the middle of the road.  I am surprised that there have not been more accidents at this corner-it is only a matter of time.  A mirror placed at the corner on the canal side would allow drivers to see if there is someone coming in the opposite direction, enabling drivers to avoid accidents with other cars as well as the possibility of hitting a pedestrian going to/from the Waterway restaurant.” 

The Road Safety Team say: 

“The corner of Formosa Street and Blomfield Road does not appear in the Local Safety Scheme programme. Additionally, analysis of the latest 36 months’ collision data for this junction shows that there were no personal injuries.With regard to mirrors, it is advised that both the City Council’s and Department for Transport (DfT) policy is not to erect mirrors on the highway as they have been shown in certain circumstances to increase road safety risk rather than reduce it, and so are no longer permitted as a safety measure.” 

Warwick Avenue

We have asked the Council to locate CCTV here to identify those responsible for rubbish dumping:

“I note in your recent action report that there is concern over dumping of rubbish and fly-tipping around Warwick Avenue W9. I would also like to add that this has increasingly become a problem at the recycling site next to Warwick Ave tube, at the junction of Warwick Ave and Clifton Rd. Large items of furniture, builders waste, large electrical goods (fridges, computers etc) and piles of clothes are being dumped continually, on a daily basis. Also, the clothes bank is always full to overflowing with clothing and bedding just left on the ground. Passers-by then open the bags to rummage through them and leave clothes strewn all over the pavement. It would help if the bin was emptied more often. Overall the dumping has worsened considerably over the past year. The council do remove the items but this just encourages more people to do it. If a recycling centre is established, then it must be ‘policed’ to ensure that it is not used for general dumping and fly-tipping. “

West End Green

The archeological survey of the the West End Green site has appeared on the Planning Portal.

It contains much detail on the history of Paddington Green.

Joe Strummer subways

The Joe Strummer subways under the Marylebone flyover are being permanently closed byTfL and the Council. This is not a surprise as they have not beenwell maintained for years.

Maida Vale/Clarendon Terrace

We have asked the Council to install a street sign at the junction of Maida Vale with Clarendon Terrace.

Randolph Surgery – what you say

“As a patient of Randolph for nearly 30 years, I shall be writing to the QCC as I don’t think they have enough of a sense of the history of HOW the once-excellent surgery has sunk to the present level.”

City West Homes – what you say 

“As freeholders of the building (with council tenants also resident) we try our utmost to work with CWH but it is increasingly difficult in all respects. We are currently unable to access their BT payment system and there is no longer anyone to speak to. It has worsened over the past couple of years which I’m sure you are aware of.”

‘Great news about City West Homes closing!’ 

“Thanks very much for your help. it really shouldn’t be that residents have to involve a councillor to get CIty West Homes to do their job properly. I’m aware that the council has taken back direct control of this organisation and hopefully we will see a big improvement in their services to all residents. “

“Thank you very much for your support with our issue with City West Homes.    I received the correct code late yesterday afternoon from them.  Why they haven’t been sent by post as in previous years I don’t know. “

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