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Queen’s Park Gardens

We have asked the Parks Department to look in to this issue:

“I regularly take my granddaughter who is three to Queens Park Gardens play area and while I think it’s a lovely little park I would love to see the sandpit there cleaned up as there is a lot of detritus in there at the moment which is not nice for the children to play amongst.  I would be happy to volunteer myself to help and would be nice to hear from like-minded people to do this if there are not the council resources.” 

The Parks Manager says: 

“Just to confirm the sandpit has been inspected and although found to be in reasonable condition, it has been thoroughly cleaned. Our Grounds Maintenance Contractor has been instructed to check and rake the sandpit every morning before opening and top up the levels as required”

Kilburn Lane – street sweeping 

We have asked the Street Sweeping Team to investigate this issue: 

“Can I bring your attention to the sweeping, or lack of, in Kilburn Lane – section opposite the Moberly development. I frequently comment to my husband how littered the street has become and rarely see a road sweeper – the problem is compounded by the contractors parking in the street while working on the Moberly development eating food/snacks and leaving in the kerbside. On that note we frequently cannot park in the street due to the number of contractor vehicles parked – especially as we have to pay the resident permit fee.”

The Council say:

“This section of Kilburn Lane is swept on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. I have asked Veolia to undertake additional checks to ensure that it is being swept to the required standard. The local building contractors have been spoken to about litter and they maintain that they clear and sweep the road themselves every evening, with their staff knowing not to drop litter. They have even helped by taking part in a local community litter pick recently. 

If the standard of street cleanliness drops to what you consider an unacceptable level, please report this to us on the council website.

On the matter of parking, the council allows building contractors to park in Residents’ bays when they purchase daily tradesman permits. Although they are allowed to park anywhere within a parking zone, the volume of permits issued is constantly monitored to ensure that no area is unduly overloaded.”

Kilburn Lane

We have asked Nuno to inspect the building works to a house in Kilburn Lane where dust and debris is being showered on neighbours and their cars.

Nutbourne Street 

We have asked City West Homes to help residents clear overgrown back gardens in Nutbourne Street.

Galton Street 

We have asked Nuno, our City Inspector, to investigate this issue and taken the necessary action: 

“Every bin day i.e. Wednesday and Friday all the rubbish sacks are ripped open by foxes. They have even knocked the lids of the bins and ripped open the bags.  They are also running along the garden walls and coming into the back gardens damaging plants and ripping the bags too. I had an incident that two cubs nearly entered my house through the back door – luckily I saw them in time. The foxes are seen by day and night. I know it does not help that some people feed them but they do carry disease and can harm pets and small children.”

Ilbert Street 

We asked the Street Lighting Team to investigate this issue: 

“Unfortunately we’re regularly in total darkness at night although none of the adjoining streets are not similarly affected. After reporting the problem a few times, I was advised to contact Conway’s, the contractors, directly. I’ve done so several times since, most recently on 6 June after yet again experiencing difficulty getting home in pitch darkness. The situation improved earlier last week with lighting coming on after 9pm but on Friday the street was in darkness again when I came home at 10.20 pm. The situation was the same last nIght at 10.30 pm.

The problem seems to be with the timer operating the system on our road rather than the actual streets lamps which do eventually come on but at the moment this is towards 11pm.In the past I’ve had to help an elderly man who fell over in the dark and a young mother with very distressed children who had stepped in dog poo in the dark.”

The Street Lighting Team say: 

“The system has been reset however, given the volumes problems that we have experienced at this location, the Highway Services are discussing options for a more robust solution going forward, we currently believe that the ongoing intermittent fault effect 26 street lighting columns in the Ilbert Street area.” 

Parry Road

We asked the police, the Council and City West Homes to investigate concerns about an illegal all night street party being organized in Parry Road following information posted on the internet. 

Dart Street 

We have asked the police to investigate concerns that the Minimart in Dart Street is being targeted for organized thefts by a group of teenagers. 

Marne Street

We have asked the Police, the Council and City West Homes to investigate repeated anti-social behavior in Marne Street. 

Harrow Road

We have reported cases of further graffiti on properties in Harrow Road and asked Nuno to arrange for their removal.

Flora Hotel, Harrow Road 

We have asked Nuno, our City Inspector, if action can be taken to stop and remove the flyposting from the Flora pub.

Herries Street

The Council’s contractors will be undertaking the re-surfacing of Kilburn Lane to Herries Street, starting on 6thJuly for 1 day, between 08:00am -18:00pm. In order to undertake the works safely no access will be allowed on Herries Street while the works are being carried out. Vehicles left on the street during the periods outlined, will be relocated. Diversion routes for vehicles will be signed on street for each phase of the works.  Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Liam Horn

Contracts Manager 01732 600 700 and 07765 369 335

Avenue Gardens Estate 

City West Homes tells us:

“The replacement of the communal boilers began in April 2018. The boilers will provide heating and hot water to the 300 homes on this estate. This work will also not be recharged to leaseholders. Updates include:

  • Asbestos removal is taking place in the boiler room which will be completed by Wednesday 20th June.
  • Seven of the new boilers are already on site in the plant room. Works to install these will commence after the asbestos works are completed. More plant is expected to arrive including plate heat exchangers and calorifier.
  • We have had 150 in-flat EPC (Energy Peformance Certificate) surveys undertaken from consultant, Sustain, which helps towards grant monies available for the new district heating systems.
  • The temporary boiler currently situated outside the boiler room is due to be removed by the end of July.
  • We expect to complete these works by the end of August.

Major works is also due to start on the estate later this year.  This work will include full roof replacement, external works and window repairs.  We are currently working with our new term contractor, Axis, to agree the project plan for these works ahead of cost estimates being issued to leaseholders in July.”

Queens Park Street Properties

City West Homes say:

“Our Capital Programme team are working to deliver external works to 74 properties in Queens Park this year. This programme includes roof and window works, fence and gate repairs, external repairs and decorations. Internal works to improve ventilation are also taking place to tenanted properties.  This programme includes a mix of tenant and leasehold properties across Alperton Street, Caird Street, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Avenue.

Later this year, we also plan to roll out this programme of external repair works to all other tenanted properties in the Queens Park conservation area (between Barfett Street and Kilburn Lane).  As this programme includes over 550 properties, the works will be staggered over a period of 3-5 years. Barfett Street properties will be the first to receive these works, with remaining properties picked up on a street by street basis. The order of these works is expected to be agreed with the contractor within the next few months.”

Mozart Estate – New door entry systems

City West Homes is planning to upgrade the door entry system to a number of blocks on the Mozart Estate. The work is essential as the software to program the system is no longer available or supported. Manufactures will no longer be making parts to support the system. Moore Security Services will be carrying out the work on behalf of CityWest Homes and is likely to start in August 2018. The blocks are:

  • 3-16 Bruckner Street
  • 9 -12, 1 Bruckner Street
  • Batten House
  • Croft House
  • Courtville House
  • Mounsey House
  • Romer House, Downland Street
  • Onslow Close
  • 1-6, 1 Tolhurst Drive
  • 1-11, 17 Seven Avenue
  • Tileard House
  • Verdi Crescent

If you have any questions, please call customer services on 0800 358 3783 or email and quote project Z261.

Road Safety

We are supporting residents who are calling on increased road safety measures:

“There are sleeping speed bumps on some streets which in my view do a great job of slowing traffic down. These are located down Fifth Avenue and Ilbert Street but they are lacking along most parallel and adjacent streets. This means that traffic simply diverts down the streets without the speed humps and vehicles travel way over the speed limit. There are never any traffic wardens with speed cameras to prevent this so the perpetrators get away with it day after day, morning and evening.  

My particular concern is that there are young families in the area and it’s only a matter of time until an accident happens whilst the people speeding know they are never going to get caught.“ 

Wilberforce School

Wilberforce Primary has launched a new project which seeks to change the way in which pupils dispose of plastic and all rubbish.  The ‘A Future Without Rubbish’ project, which is being run in partnership with social enterprise, Clear Public Space, aims to educate children about the damage plastic is doing to our oceans and to encourage them to change their behaviour about waste.

Twelve more scandals from City West Homes 

Council elections come and go but City West Homes’ performance just gets worse. Over the past few weeks since the Council elections we have received scores of cries for help from City West Homes tenants and leaseholders and here are 12 of the worst everyday scandals. We have been working with residents to address their problems since the issues were raised.

City West Homes appears incapable of sorting out this mess and we have now called on the Council’s Chief Executive to step in. We have asked

  • Why are CWH continuing to make life a misery for residents?
  • When is someone going to get a grip of City West Homes and turn it in to a functioning, competent organisation?
  • When will the Council take ultimate responsibility for this sorry state of affairs?

Councillor Hamza Taouzzale in the news 

My Westminster Fund

The My Westminster Fund is open for applications until 27 August. The fund is open to all voluntary organisations, resident, faith and community groups within Westminster. This includes schools and other establishments which care for Westminster residents (such as residential care homes). All individual applications must be for under £10,000, and must benefit residents in a neighbourhood in Westminster.Your project must support one of these themes:

  • community leadership
  • community cohesion and pride in your community
  • environment and greening
  • young people

Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee

We have received this message:

“Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee is a group of volunteers working together to ensure the resettlement, warm welcome, and successful integration of vulnerable refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the City of Westminster. We focus on complementing the Council’s efforts to source housing, fundraising, and facilitating the resettlement of those making a home in our borough via the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), which includes Community Sponsorship. 

Our aim is to ensure that resettled people feel welcome in their new community as well as being able to make their own contribution. London can be overwhelming and it can often be difficult to feel a part of a community. We want incoming families to feel they have friendly faces on hand to support and befriend them, and to help them learn how to thrive in their new city. 

As such we are always looking for volunteers, who will be able to commit to certain roles in the preparation and welcoming periods.  There are many roles available, including locating housing, fundraising, equipping properties, welcoming at the airport, local orientation, among others. If you are interested, please do get in touch via Robbie Parks (co-chair of Westminster Refugee Welcome) at

Anti-social behaviour – what you say

“There is an occasional problem of young motorcyclists riding at speed and doing acrobatics on their motorbikes within the Fernhead Road area. Some ride through the bollards at the top of Ashmore Road, causing distress to passing pedestrians. Because of their speeding, it is not always possible to note their identities or their number plates. These nuisances are most noticeable at weekends.” 

What you say

Thank you so much for your help in getting the branch removed so quickly. The men turned up on time and did a very good job, sadly something lacking in a lot of contractors today.” 

“Thank you for your update, and the work that you put in to make our lives better.”

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance


Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister and Hamza Taouzzale

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