West End Conservatives ‘familiarise’ their candidates with Soho and the West End ward

One of the Conservative candidates in the West End recently tweeted that he was “Out and about familiarising” his two fellow candidates with Soho and the West End.

As one Soho resident commented:

“Hard to believe, but Westminster Tories have chosen candidates for West End ward who need ‘familiarizing’ with Soho. You couldn’t make it up. Are they trying to lose? Reinforces every stereotype about Conservative attitudes to our community.”

While another resident tweeted:

“Genuinely couldn’t make it up: Soho needs people that understand the very distinct issues residents and businesses in the area have to deal with.”

Meanwhile, Pancho Lewis, Patrick Lilley and Caroline Saville, Labour’s three West End Ward Candidates, needed no introductions.

After two years on the campaign trail in West End Ward, their names, faces and track record of success are well known.