Conservatives lose two of their West End Ward Councillors

Two of the Conservative West End Councillors will not be re-standing on 3rd May – Glenys Roberts has been de-selected by her party and Paul Church has decided not to stand again. This is what they say:

Councillor Glenys Roberts

“I have been deselected by the party and won’t be standing at the May election.  I worry about the West End and having lived there all my adult life I think I am well qualified to look after its best interests.  However, my continuing frustration at the lack of action, understanding and local knowledge, the failure to allot funds to priority issues and the frightening hostility encountered at any genuine attempt to tackle reality rather than rely on PR self-delusion means my time would not be well spent”

Councillor Paul Church

“After four wonderful years of the honour of serving the residents of Fitzrovia, Mayfair & Soho, I’ve taken the difficult decision not to re-stand in May & notified the local party today. I tried to stand up for the communities I was elected to represent against the dominance of property developers & their agents, patronage & power in Westminster, but I was bullied, silenced & threatened by their powerful allies.”

See this West End Extra article about the story.

It is certainly time for a change in the West End!

Labour’s three candidates are Pancho Lewis, Patrick Lilley and Caroline Saville.