West End Labour Team Stand Up for Soho’s Small Businesses

Pancho Lewis, Patrick Lilley and Caroline Saville, Labour’s Team for the West End, have launched their 5-point plan to support Soho’s small businesses.

They say:

“Small businesses are integral to Soho’s unique identity and heritage.

But they’ve fallen victim to rising rents and rates. The Conservatives on Westminster Council have chosen to side with powerful landlords and developers instead of helping small businesses.

We, your Labour candidates, pledge to champion small businesses. We will stand up for small businesses and fight for them.”

We pledge to:

  1. Send a strong message to developers and landlords. We will tell them that Soho’s existing small businesses need to be supported.
  2. Oppose any development projects that give local residents and small businesses a bad deal.
  3. Use the Council’s powers to create a Special Policy Area in Soho to protect and grow small businesses.
  4. Work closely with small businesses to challenge rent reviews.
  5. Lobby central government to bring down crippling business rates paid by small businesses.

The 5-point plan follows a meeting the West End Labour candidates held with Soho small businesses at Sohost, 8 Berwick Street on Tuesday 20 March.

The meeting was attended by a dozen representatives from the Soho small business community, as well as Jonathan Reynolds MP, from Labour’s Shadow Treasury team.