Westminster Labour will fight for the rights of private renters

Rent Sign

If elected to lead the council on May 3rd Labour will take a more proactive approach towards the private housing market in our city to find ways to support our renters.

A Labour led Council will do the most we can under current government regulations to protect private sector tenants in Westminster, further investing in enforcement, while campaigning for the right to do more.

Labour would maximise the use of powers to regulate Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) by bringing in what is known as an Additional Licensing scheme. We will actively look at which areas of Westminster might further benefit from a selective licensing scheme for other types of private rented property and look to use these powers where it would benefit renters.

Labour will also develop a private renters’ charter so that local renters know their rights and how to get help, using the convening power of the Council to further help raise standards in the sector.

As previously  announced we will transform CityWest Residential into an ethical housing company to encourage longer term tenancies, improved standards and limit rent rises for tenants in return for a not-for-profit deal for landlords.