Westminster North Labour Action Report - April 2018


Labour’s Manifesto for the 2018 Council Elections

After decades of the Conservatives taking Westminster for granted, residents have a real chance to change the future of this city. Years of cuts have taken their toll on local services, particularly for the most vulnerable.

The Conservatives have put the needs of developers above the needs of the vast majority of local residents. For generations they have failed to build the Council (social rent) and lower (intermediate) rent homes that Westminster needs to give the City a viable future.

Labour has a credible alternative plan that can be delivered today despite the damage being done by the current government. Our communities are calling out for change, and in this manifesto Labour sets out a vision for how things could be run differently, how we will deliver a Westminster for the many not the few if we are elected to run the council on May 3rd 2018.


Church Street Masterplan

The Council’s Masterplan for the Church Street are will not work for the community in its current form, say Church Street Labour Councillors. People’s trust in the Council has been very badly damaged by this complete failure to deliver following the Futures Plan ballot in 2012.

If Labour wins the elections on 3rd May there will be resident ballots on all proposals for estate regeneration. We will minimise demolition and make sure there are new homes which people can afford. We will prioritise building homes for people on average and below-average incomes.

Cosway Street/Old Marylebone Road/Marylebone Road junction

We have asked TfL to repair a number of the street lights at this very busy junction.

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to replace a broken tree outside Marble House, Elgin Avenue.

Chippenham Road

We have asked the Planning Department for an update on the planning status of Momtaz at 99 Chippenham Road which operates as a shisha café until 2am every day of the week. The Planners say:

“The use of the above site remains under investigation by the Planning Enforcement Team, with an extant enforcement notice in place prohibiting the use of the Property for mixed purposes as a café/restaurant and shisha smoking place.  Prosecution action is currently being considered in respect of the alleged breach of this notice.

Historically there are no planning controls over the hours of use of the Property; however, I am aware that the Property does not benefit from a premises licence and is therefore not permitted to serve hot food or drink after 11pm, and the City Operations, Public Protection and Licensing Team are investigating this matter.

Hormead Road

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

This is the 4th time in as many months that a scaffolding lorry has completely blocked the highway- often for hours on end.  Cars entering Hormead Road are forced to back up on to Great Western road, as the Lorry cannot be seen until they have turned into the street.  Why is it hat they are allowed to flout the law with such impunity by the police and council?”

Maida Hill Market piazza

We contacted the Council about this issue:

“Cadent are supposed to be installing a new gas supply pipe into 2 Fernhead Road. However, they came yesterday and left after a short while leaving the area in a mess. The granite is damaged and big lumps of it have been left in the middle of the pavement.  This is a trip hazard at the very least. It will be difficult to replace the granite setts, which were very expensive to install.The barriers are still up but some of them have fallen over. “

Carlton Tavern – Update

The Planning Department has given us this latest update:

The injunction preventing further demolition on the site was varied last month to allow further demolition, but only as necessary to comply with the requirements of the enforcement notice.  There is a need to ensure the safe retention of the flank wall before any further demolition commences.

I have been advised by the architect appointed to act on behalf of the owner that works are due to start imminently; however, we have received similar assurances previously, which have not resulted in any works commencing.  It is likely that a cherry picker will be used initially, to remove the remaining sections of the front elevation above ground floor level and the exposed metal framing components.  Once this has been done and the area within the basement made safe, the foundations will be assessed by surveyors and engineers before any further work commences. 

The enforcement notice is due to be complied with by the end of July 2018.  The City Council will be in a position to consider taking any further action once the compliance period for the notice expires in July.” 

Sutherland Avenue

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate residents; concerns about unauthorised building works to a property in Sutherland Avenue.

Oversley House

We have asked City West Homes to take action to stop the regular dumping of rubbish and furniture outside Oversley House.


We have welcomed the increased on-the-spot fines of up to £150 for dropping litter, including from vehicles.


Register to vote

The local Westminster City Council elections are on Thursday 3 May.

If youaren’t already registered to vote, youneed to do so to vote in this local election.  The deadline to register at gov.uk/register-to-vote is Wednesday 17 April. It only takes a few minutes. Anyone who is already registered to vote does not need tore-register. If youhave moved home in the last few months and havenot registered to vote at your new address youstill have time to register at this new location.

The other key dates are the postal vote application deadline which is 5pm, on Wednesday 18 April and the proxy vote application deadline is 5pm, Wednesday 25 April.

EU citizens are able to vote in these local elections.

You can get more information by visiting www.westminster.gov.uk/westminster-city-council-election-2018

Edbrooke Road – what you say

“Edbrooke Road dog fouling is a small issue compared to some of the more significant issues you are championing but it is still an unpleasant one. There is an increase in bags of scoped poo left in the gutters of Edbrooke, Marylands and Goldney roads – in addition to piles of unbagged crap on pavements of those streets – as well as in the grass and among the planting in Edbrooke Garden itself.

I would certainly welcome a warden but cannot hope that this is a realistic option at present. There did used to be dog bins in the gardens – but they disappeared some time ago. There are some, incidentally next to the children’s play area behind Westminster Academy on Harrow Road so they still exist with in Westminster. Investment in Westminster in such bins would help address anti-social behaviour and have an environmental benefit too.”

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Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council