Harrow Road Ward Labour Action Report - Mar 18

From your Harrow Road Councillors Ruth Bush, Guthrie McKie and Tim Roca

Saltram Crescent

The Saltram Crescent experimental one-way system has now been made permanent. Here is the report on how the experiment has worked and residents’ views.


Warlock Road/Chippenham Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“I have long been concerned about the traffic on the junction of Warlock Road and Chippenham Road. This junction can be extremely busy at times and cars cannot pull out to turn right on the Chippenham Road this causes a backlog of cars on Warlock road. As you can only pass one car at a time the traffic turning into Warlock Road gets stuck and you have gridlock. Maybe it needs something like a yellow box on Chippenham to allow the cars to turn right or a widening of the junction on Warlock so cars can turn right and left into Chippenham. Also the lights on Chippenham Elgin only allow about three cars to go through at a time compounding the problem. Please could you ask the appropriate persons to look into this as well.”

The Road Safety Team say:

“Quite recently, double yellow lines were installed at the corners of the junction in question to help address the issue of restricted traffic flow.  I am minded to keep this under review for the time being before considering any further measures. The problem with the timing of the lights, I will refer to TfL.” 

Edbrooke Road Gardens

We have asked Nuno, the local City Inspector, to investigate this recurring issue: 

“I would like to request urgent action on the notable increase in dog-fouling over the last 6 months or so.  Edbrooke Road Gardens remains a total no-go area for anyone other than dog-owners due to it being a complete ‘dog-loo’; there is clearly no enforcement against dog-fouling, and the offenders know this.   However, Goldney Road and Edbrooke Road have now too become a hazard of dog mess on a daily basis.  It is everywhere and everyday, on the pavement and in the gutter, and it is disgusting.     

I’m afraid the usual responses of “we will put more signs up” and “dog-walkers may still not be aware they can use the black bins to dispose of dog waste” simply don’t wash. The (probably small number of) offenders just know they can get away with it and simply don’t care about the effect their selfish and irresponsible actions have.  The only answer I’m afraid is to have proper enforcement – ie someone once a fortnight for a couple of hours patrolling the park and surrounding streets slapping fines on the offenders.  There is no doubt they will catch people doing it, and I have no doubt a £500 fine will deter them in future!  Please can you press for some meaningful action on this, for the sake of all residents.”

Kilburn Park Road/Shirland Road

We have contacted Brent Council about this issue:

“The dilapidated (and increasingly dangerous) Zebra crossing on the corner of Kilburn Park Road and Shirland Road.  One of the (orange) lights on the belisha beacons is still completely out of action.  And the original black and white stripes on the road are now practically indistinguishable.”