Westminster Labour call for further action on fire safety

Ahead of the council elections in May Westminster Labour are setting out their plans for further action on fire safety and calling for reassurance on fire doors.

Westminster Council is currently planning a review of all communal fire doors and 10% of flat fire doors, due to take place from April to July this year. Given concerns in the wake of the revelations that the fire doors in Grenfell resisted the fire for less than half the time expected Westminster Labour Leader Cllr Adam Hug has written to the Council urging them to speed up the planned investigation and to check CityWest’s procurement records to identify any use of the Masterdor fire doors that failed in Grenfell, in order to help give residents peace of mind.  

Cllr Hug had previously drawn national attention to the scandalous failure of the Conservative Government to pay for fire safety measures across the country. If elected in May Labour will continue to put pressure on the Government to contribute its fair share, albeit without delaying necessary action.

The government has also failed to provide legal clarity over how leasehold properties should be dealt with in relation to the installation of sprinklers and the extent to which public funds can be used to cover their costs. Westminster Labour will continue to push for the council to be able to assist leaseholders to cover the costs of sprinkler installation.

The timetable for the re-cladding process from the Warwick and Brindley Estate towers has slipped again. After initial delays in starting work on site last year some residents will now have to wait until the autumn due to a combination of procurement delays and the complexity of the work.

Further work also needs to be done in conjunction with the fire-brigade and other agencies to ensure privately-owned and housing association blocks are taking the necessary action to keep their residents safe.

Cllr Adam Hug said “If elected on May 3rd Labour will continue to focus Council efforts to address outstanding safety concerns. We will push for the fire door inspections and cladding restoration to be completed as quickly as possible and work to deliver a clear plan for sprinkler installation.”

Labour candidate for Little Venice Murad Qureshi said: "After hearing that the Met Police probe found the Grenfell Tower doors "resistance for fire was for half the time expected" l am very concerned that the fire doors across all the Towers in the City of Westminster like Hall, Braithwaite, Parsons & Stuart Towers in Little Venice will not give the residents the safety reassurances they need. We need immediate action taken to reassure all residents living in our towers across the city that their safety is our paramount concern and a Labour administration at Westminster City Hall will make sure of this."