KEY PLEDGE: We will campaign against Conservative cuts and protect services

As Westminster Tories prepare to push through a further £38.5m in ‘savings’ for 2018/19 at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 7th March, Westminster residents are fed up with the constant cuts to their services.

Much of the Tory focus will be on their voluntary council tax payments for the owners of large homes. Any money helps but, with this predicted to only raise £350k, it is little more than a distraction from the scale of cuts demanded by the Tory Government and cheered on by the Conservative council.

The election of a Labour Council for Westminster on May 3rd would itself be a massive repudiation of the Tory Government’s agenda. However if elected a Labour council would use its campaigning and communications expertise to highlight the huge impact of Tory cuts on ordinary families and push the Government to change its approach.

The Conservative Government’s current commitment to austerity means that whoever controls the council there will be tough decisions ahead around local public services. However using the ‘zero-based’ budget review and ideas set out in previous Labour budget amendments a Labour council would reallocate funding to the priorities of ordinary residents and protect the most vulnerable, while keeping council tax low.

In addition to protecting twice weekly bin collections and new action on bulky waste dumping Labour is committed to supporting vital public services. As examples of the priorities it would bring to running the council Labour would:

  • restore council funding for local youth clubs
  • protect children’s centre services, particularly stay and play schemes and early intervention
  • improve support to the elderly and vulnerable by developing integrated health and wellbeing hubs, investing in home adaptations and improving care standards

Ahead of the election on May 3rd Westminster Labour is delighted to announce its first key election pledge:

  • A Labour council will stand up to Conservative Government cuts and restore support for vital public services such as our youth clubs, children’s centres and support for the elderly and vulnerable