Labour will develop a community plaque scheme to remember local legends

Westminster Labour will support community groups and heritage campaigners by cutting the cost of commemorative plaques. The current Westminster Green Plaque scheme is focused primarily at property developers and major landlords with a £3,500 per plaque cost prohibitive to all but the wealthiest.

If elected on May 3rd Labour will create a new process where local residents can suggest which figures of local or national prominence should be memorialised through Westminster’s local plaque scheme. It will introduce a community plaque scheme that cuts the costs for local people who will not financially benefit from such a plaque.  

Little Venice Labour candidate Murad Qureshi has been an active supporter of community efforts to commemorate local music legends, including supporting the Seymour Housing Co-operative to remember the Clash’s Joe Strummer’s time as a local squatter. He is now backing efforts to record Marc Bolan from T-Rex’s time in Little Venice through a local plaque, an idea that could be eligible for Labour’s proposed scheme.