Church Street Ward Labour Action Report - Mar 18

From Councillors Barbara Grahame, Aicha Less and Aziz Toki alongside Matt Noble.


Marylebone Road traffic

Following our enquiries about traffic travelling north-south/south-north jumping the lights along Marylebone Road, TfL say:

“As a result of the lane closures that are in place for the Baker Street works, to introduce two-way traffic on Baker Street and Gloucester Place, unfortunately some green signal time has had to be reallocated to Marylebone Road. This is because as it holds a considerable proportion of the traffic travelling around central London. Unfortunately, this has meant a slight reduction in green signal time to the side roads. Increasing the green time to the side roads will result in significant levels of queuing on Marylebone Road which would eventually cause gridlock of the whole network as you can understand. The traffic team are continuing to monitor the traffic signal strategy in the area during the works and have engineers constantly reviewing the signal timings.”

Bell Street

We have asked the local City Inspector to investigate the continued dumping off waste outside the the BT building in Bell Street.

Plimpton Street

We have asked the City Inspector to take the necessary action to stop this this anti-social behaviour:

“Dog fouling seems to be becoming an issue in Plympton Street. I’ve had to clean up 3 times in as many days. Very irresponsible owners. I guess you could say “human fouling” too – since certain people seem to think it is ok to come and relieve themselves at one end of the street or the other.”

Church Street/Penfold Street

We asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“Can be done about the parking on the corner of Penfold Street and Church Street.  There is a bay dedicated for loading and in loading but its used by the Market traders as permanent parking. The traffic Marshals don’t do anything at the moment there are 3 lorries parked there with an ambulance on the opposite side of the road”

The Parking Department say:

“We have raised the issue with our enforcement provider in order to highlight the potential abuse that is occurring and this will remain on our enforcement planner for review.  Marshals have been sent out to investigate the location and will continue to do so to ensure compliance.” 

Edgware Road

We have asked Transport for London to fix various street lights along Edgware Road after receiving this message:

I would like to report a long term street lighting problem which I have reported to Transport for London many times with no result.  There is a light out in Edgware Road opposite the entrance to Frampton Street.  But more importantly there are two lights out either side of the 18 bus shelter in the lee of the flyover outside the Bourne House BT building.  As the light in the shelter is also out the bus stop is very dark and inhospitable and dangerous.  I have reported this many times over several months and no repairs are done. Are you able to help? “