Labour will improve Westminster’s care for the elderly and vulnerable

Getting the right support for elderly and vulnerable people in Westminster will be central to the agenda of a Labour-led Westminster Council if we were to be elected on May 3rd.

Labour will improve the way in which adult social care is delivered in Westminster, focusing on tackling the greatest need. This means improving the standards in homecare and urgently reviewing Westminster Care Homes which have been shown to be the 10th worst in the country.

We would increase Council investment in home adaptations and improved technology that will enable residents to stay in their homes more independently, while helping cut social care costs.

A Labour Council would look to sign Unison’s Ethical Care Charter, enshrining our commitments on the living wage and fair working practices for all staff and contractors, which will enable us to raise service standards for residents they care for.

We would work to protect the provision of Council short-break and respite care in order to support all families with significant caring responsibilities.

A Labour council would work to tackle social isolation and loneliness by developing partnerships with housing providers, volunteer groups, businesses and others. If elected  we will work with these partners to better organise regular visits to lone pensioners to help with shopping, cooking and combating loneliness.

We will review resident and patient engagement structures in adult social care and health to give local people a greater say of how services are designed and delivered, strengthen the role of community groups and Healthwatch in the development of Westminster’s adult social care and health policies. A Labour council will provide a new discussion platform for service users and their carers to help monitor the delivery of their care and provide their ideas about how it can be of the highest standard.