About Us

Your Baystwater Labour Action Team is made up of Maggie Carmen, Dafydd Elis and Max Sullivan who are all here to help.


MAGGIE CARMAN has lived in North Westminster for 40 years. As a former lecturer and trade union officer she believes Lifelong Learning should be a priority for local and national government. She wants all Council and contractors’ staff to be paid the Living Wage with more apprenticeships for Westminster residents. Together with Dafydd and Max, Maggie has taken up issues with the Council - broken street lighting, dumped rubbish and overflowing recycling bins, pigeon nuisance and tree planting - as well as chasing CityWest Homes and housing associations to carry out repairs. She is shocked by the condition of some Bayswater properties where tenants are being short-changed by their landlords. 

DAFYDD ELIS has lived in the area since 2013 arriving from Wales, via Oxford and Paris. He works in environmental business consultancy and wants to see major improvements to Westminster’s green footprint and action to improve air quality. 
Dafydd is an established community campaigner who says Bayswater’s local Councillors should be visible and accessible. He will work to ensure that Westminster Council is responsive to the concerns of residents and businesses. 

MAX SULLIVAN is originally from Dublin but now lives and works locally as a marketing executive. He wants young people to have the best possible start in life and is concerned about the damaging effects of Conservative cuts to children’s centres and youth clubs as well as to housing and health services for young people, including mental health provision.